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Citizens of Concordia: Enchanted, Gallain, and Chimera

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  • Citizens of Concordia: Enchanted, Gallain, and Chimera

    So I'm thinking Concordia and other Kingdoms and Empires extend their rule to local Kithain, but also those Enchanted and Kinain associated with them. But we also have Gallain, like Nunnehi who usually don't belong to the Kithain Kingdoms but individual members may be, but Inanimae start waking up, and in Secret Ways they mention they can have Titles if they join the Kithain courts, which is interesting. So we could start including individual Inanimae associated with the Courts like Mannikins who already kind of half fit in, Solimonds who are often wandering and avoiding other Inanimae and are given to chivalry, or really any inanimae. So what are thoughts on individual Dark Kin Joining like some Keremet, Moirae, and Aionidaes? Its interesting to extrapolate to allow them to join the Kithain, lots of mutual benefits are to be found by them joining together.

    Now what about an effort to start bringing Chimera into the fold? So the Courts already include Familiar like chimera associated with Changelings, and pets/mounts like Pegasi and hounds. But some Chimera are feral or not given to thought or getting along with others. But what about recruiting the stray thinking humanlevel chimera? With this you could have them even populate homesteads, maybe with a Changeling to keep the Balefire.
    They could even start building essentially full on communities on the Trods of the Near Dreaming. Perhaps then each Kingdom could support a handful of Towns and maybe at least one City on the Dreaming side populated by Chimera?

    And the book mentions one of the Duchies or Kingdoms in Concordia ruled by a Sidhe Kinain, this is probably an error but lets consider this as legit, its a very interesting situation.

    So what about giving Titles to Non Changelings?

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    I'm thinking oaths are the key to Expanding Kingdoms into the Dreaming/Chimera. And that Oaths are likely to cause Chimera start taking upon certain qualities, either making them more humanlike in though processes or depending on the oath helping to shape them more to certain goals, like if they are oathed to be eat the skulls of intruders they may become more demonic.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Personally I have always played the game in a manner where the ruling noble does count all beings of Dreaming to be his citizens. Generally though only the Kithain hold the reins of power, aside from of course possibly occasional Thallain in disguise.