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Where do we want the Land of Eight Million Dreams to go in the Future?

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  • Where do we want the Land of Eight Million Dreams to go in the Future?

    So what do we want out of the Hsien? What kind of Products do we want, explaining what about them? As I have brought up before I would be interested in more Arts, I know the current arts are pretty self contained but I feel we have room to expand, as only 6 powers for a whole section of the Worlds fae is limiting... I would like the fleshing out of the Courts brought up in C20, I really like how for instance we have two types of infernal Hsien those who fall to the Yama Kings and those who chose to be their own independent Demons. I want some example locals and the regional Hsien. I want info on Hsien and Dragon's Nests as well as how the Hsien interact with Spirits, and Inanimae in Asia. I would also like the Hsien point of view of interacting with the Dreaming and the Fae as well as the Shih and other Shen. I have some ideas for other Hsien Kiths I'll pop up, basically I like the idea of only 5 Kamuii types but I like the idea of creating more Hirayanu types in batches of 5 each linking to one Element. I'll find my notes.

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    I would like a more fleshed out version of the courts as well and would like to see more Hsien kiths most definitely that feature a more broad selection of Hirayanu (Definitely would like to see something like the Kumiho or the Qilin presented as Kiths, Also wouldn't mind something like the Tikbalang or the Kapre, I'm not sure if Southeast Asia would be considered part of the land of eight million dreams). I'd also want information that dove into the relationships that the Hsien have with both Spirits and Fae as well as a more concise connection to the dreaming. I'd love to see the Arts for them expanded as well as more defined rules for the Mu Courts and possibly a Hsien equivalent of the Thallain to some extent.


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      In terms of what I want? Make them proper changelings using Glamour and worrying about Banality and whatnot.


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        SE Asian material would great...though at this point I have a whole bunch of my own anyway.


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          What Zenten said. They really don't fit into the rest of Changeling and tend to be unavailable to play.


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            Originally posted by zenten View Post
            In terms of what I want? Make them proper changelings using Glamour and worrying about Banality and whatnot.
            To be honest, I never had that issue as their 'differences' reminded me of the Nunnehi and the Menehune. Just with different imagery. I would like more information on their courts and how they interact with the Dreaming.

            Edit: An acknowledgment that Banality exists for them would be nice.

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              Out of curiosity, if one were to try to adapt the existing Kiths into, say, Japanese ones (Yokai?), which ones would fit best, and as what? I could see maybe Trolls adapted into Oni, and Pooka into Hengeyokai, but my overall grasp of Japanese (and other Asian) fantasy/folklore creatures is a bit weak, so the others are more difficult.

              I ask because I just always felt that the 10 Hsien types were so limited - five elemental nobles and five animal commoners - and seemed to miss a lot of the more fun ideas I've seen in various Anime and Wuxai.
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                The only Current Kith I'd potentially Use for Yokai/Ashkaya/Yurei would be Pooka. Pooka are the only "Generic" Kith In my mind. Even then I'd be tempted to Give an a couple alternative birthrites rather than having every Kitsune, Nekomata and Tanuki being good at ferreting secrets.

                While Oni have a striking Visual similarity to Trolls, they are perhaps narratively the polar opposite. There are Oni who are creatures of Honor, but this is an act of redemption for them and not a standardized state. They'd fall better under a generic "angry Giant" kith. I'd go so far as saying Red caps BETTER hit many of the tropes of the Oni than Trolls.

                The Sluagh would need some cultural adaptation as much of the darkness immagery is just different. And much of what makes current sluagh would be seen as unclean, still morose beings that live in the dark and have some access to the dead wouldn't be much of a change.

                Eshu go everywhere. They don't need to change per se. Japan has a love/hate relationship with Foreign things.

                SIdhe, I personally wouldn't have an arcadian Sidhe, I would tie the Autumn Sidhe to the higher gods pretty strongly. But they would have changed by becoming part of this world. So Autumnly works rather well here. They would not use the same house names they may use some of the house mechanics but adapted. There may potentially be other Noble Kiths.

                Boggans like the Sluagh could be fitted in with heavy cultural modification.

                Nockers I would say are relatively new to Japan.. and by relatively I mean since the Meiji restoration. Their fast mad science ways just don't quite fit traditional japanese crafting archtypes. Of course they have been welcomed readily into Courts that wished to modernize.

                Clurichain nope

                Selkie nope

                Merfolk-may require some adapation especially as their flesh in Japanese myth grants immortality.

                Satyrs need to be more genericized in general. There definately are SOME oni myths that might work with Satyr so I'd consider them an option there.. of course you also have over a century of westernization so... and even then thing slipping in before that.

                Redcaps I'd see adapting them under a broad sense of the Oni