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    I have the opportunity to play in a Changing the Dreaming (C20) game. Until this point I have never been able to, with any edition. So, I have a couple of questions for those much more familiar with everything.

    1) The Supernatural Flaw Psychic Vampire says -
    The spark of life is dying within you and can only be fed from outside forces. Plants and insect life wither or die in your presence as you feed on their energies, and any person you touch for more than an hour will suffer one non-aggravated Health Level as you siphon away their life. Those already injured (including those whose Bruised Health Level has been sucked away) will not heal while in your presence. If you do not feed the emptiness within yourself at least once a day, you will begin to die. The rate at which you take wounds follows the progression for natural healing in reverse: you take a Health Level after one day, a second in three days, a third in a week, a fourth in a month, and, finally, one wound every three months.
    It says that you need to feed the emptiness at least once a day. Does this mean the character with this flaw has to physical touch someone for an hour to feed the emptiness?

    2) I have a concept of a "sorcerer." Just using the Changeling game how would one go about this? Just take and raise as many Arts and Realms as possible?
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    1. I think killing off plant life and whatnot counts.
    2. Previous editions had groups like the Crystal Circle described that might be of interest to you:

    Ultimately it's a concept thing that's up to you. I would suggest a high Greymare, and some Arts (Soothsay, Chronos, Naming, etc) have more of a "sorcerer" feel to them than others. Being of House Beaumayn, Euluned, and Varich would be good choices for the concept (not that you have to be nobility to be a sorcerer) as well.