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The Godling Kith(Homebrew)

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  • The Godling Kith(Homebrew)

    Hey guys and gals and everybody else on the forumlandz. I homebrewed a kith with the concept of essentially being the Dreams of Playing God. Something i think would grow increasingly relevant now in the modern day(with everybody having an opinion on the concept). So i wanted you guys to look over the kith and come with comments on how to improve them and such:

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    Interesting, this is a different and odd take from the ideas others and myself came up with, well for God’s I’ve thought of kind of new agy aliens along similar lines. Like I’ve thought maybe give an a difficulty reducer to a chosen art or some such. Or if not worried about balance give a -2 to a chosen realm.

    But by default Noble Kiths like the Sidhe represent Gods, but you said these are dreams of humans becoming gods or obtaining apotheosis, so it sounds what more like Buddha’s or Jesus or Zagreus? Or are they a brand new Kith that piped up from from the culmination of dreams rather then an old kith? One of my takes on Gods is the Chosen kith, Basically a Kith of mortals chosen by the legendary weapons and items of a God.

    But this is interesting and I may use it.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      For mad mystics and scientists seeking "a new world of gods and monsters" they seem underpowered. I'd add a point of perception along with the Intelligence and give them some added successes if they gain sucesses in Graymere.