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    Hopefully I'm not asking on something that's been asked a few hundred times before. If so, if someone could please send me in the right direction.

    I was working on a fae knight and ran into a bit of confusion I couldn't get past. How do I buy gear with backgrounds? In specific, I'm trying to work with C20 but couldn't find a good answer in earlier editions either.

    Pretty simple, trying to buy, a sword, a shield and light armor. Would the shield cost 1 and the armor cost 2? The sword would be cost 2 as well, right?

    For the sword, I ended up buying a Treasure 2 Quicksilver effect- same cost but more 'valuable'. Then came to realize that I couldn't figure out how that effect would actually work. Bunk or no bunk? Dice pools?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Treasure doesn't use a Bunk.

    Chimerical items use a separate purchases of each item.

    Mundane items just are based on what seems reasonable for your character to have given Resources and whatnot.


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      No bunks, treasure dicepools are based on it's rating/cost.

      Also yeah Chimerical items are a weird one, there isnt a exact guide of how to rule it and hoping the player guide will do it justice. I treat it based on rarity tho, depending on the material the armor might be worth one or two points, a sword could be one to three depending on what it is and same with shields. I do make a habit of allowing characters to buy things in game or craft their own.


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        Check out CtD 2nd edition page 288.

        Gist of it is the following:
        Originally posted by ”CtD 2nd edition p.288”
        A character possessing the requisite number of dots (based on the rating of Background Trait) for an item may possess other items of the same chimera requirement or less at the Storyteller’s discretion.


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          As per p.325: Treasures either cost a Glamour point to activate and then give a fixed effect; or they rely on a Glamour or Intelligence + Gremayre roll if purely magical in effect; or they rely on the normal mundane dicepool to use if it's, for example, a pen or a sword.

          Then some examples are given. Some of these are automatic, or require Glamour to activate. Some, like Vulcan's Hammer, require an activation roll which grants automatic extra damage. It's not clear whether this means you roll Glamour or Intelligence + Gremayre first, adding each success as automatic health levels before you make the attack roll itself, or if you roll Dexterity + Melee as normal, but instead of adding extra successes as damage dice you convert them straight to damage instead. Either interpretation would make sense, though I'm guessing they meant the latter, since while the effect is magical it's being wielded in the same way a mundane hammer would be.

          As for chimerical weapons, Possessed is right in pointing out that you only pay for the cost of the highest item. So if you have a mix of one-dot, two-dot and three-dot items, you only need to buy three levels to cover the lot. Your ST might want to limit that to, say, two items per dot if they think it opens the door to changelings carrying hundreds of items. But weight limits probably also make a good arbiter of what you can have.
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            Sorry for not getting back to folks. Thank you for the feedback. I'm hoping to post that character this weekend.


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              There are extensive medieval weapon and armour rules in the Vampire Dark Ages 20th Companion that can be used as a compatible source.