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  • What are Trods exactly

    Hi there and greetings to all Changeling players,

    I am little confused about the nature of trods and want to ask you, how you handle it in your chronicles.
    One of my questions is: Where does a trod go along? For example, imagine a freehold located in Dublin, maybe a Faerie Tavern, which exists although in the Near Dreaming. It has a trod, which leads from Dublin to Hamburg in Germany. Lets say, that a group of Kithain want to travel from the freehold to Hamburg, where the trod ends. They open the trod, maybe this one needs an rirsh limerick as an open condition, and the travel begin.
    Now come the confusion: Where does this trod exactly lie? Imagine another Group of changelings which are in the Near Dreaming next to the trod (which is possible, becaus the freehold is a stable point). Can they use the same trod as the group form the tavern? And does a trod leads geographical correct form its starting point through the Near Dreaming or leads it through another aspect or realm of the Near Dreaming? For my example: Does the trod leads through the Near Dreaming aspect of Dublin (which is a stable point) or not?
    I imagine trods as roads, but they are still descriped as roads which are on the move, so I am unsure, where trods go along exactly. Besides there are faerie motleys which lives near trods. How does this works, f the trods location moves or is on the run?

    I hope you understand my confusion.

    Thanks for answers.

    Best of regards,
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    A trod is a road. The Dreaming itself changes however. In the Near Dreaming the changes will be generally minimal, but in the Far and Deep Dreaming the changes can be quite substantial, which is more where you will often see the "movement" happening.


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      Thanks for your answer. So, if somebody for example opens a trod in a freehold to escape from a gang of redcaps, all what the redcaps have to do is, to find a way out of the freehold in to the near dreaming to get on the same trod or do they have to open it with the same opening conditions to get on the trod?

      I am asking, because of the opening conditions of most trods (see "Established Gateways" on page 308). This sounds for me, that only the person/s can get on the trod, which comply with the opening conditions. When trods are just roads it is paradox, becuase everybode near the path can go there, without the opening conditions on the start...
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        They need to either be able to meet the conditions for opening a trod, or have the ability to enter the Dreaming another way, such as with Portal Passage and Fae 5.


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          Ok, so trods are, as you describe them, just roads. Everybody who is in the Near Dreaming near a trod can enter it, just like a normal mundane street. Do you remember the game example in the 2nd edition rulebook, where the boggan opens a trod to flee with the satyr from a gang of Sidhe? The Sidhe did not follow the boggan and the satyr after the trod (in this case the entrance) is closed, although the freehold where all happens has windows, where the sidhe might go through to follow the commoners. In this example a trod appears as more as a road, or not?


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            Entering the Dreaming outside of the Silver Path is dangerous, and easy to get lost. Not impossible, but it is risky.


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              Yes, but the area of a freehold in the Near Dreaming is a stable place (becuase of the Banality which come through the two worlds) and so you cant get lost, as long as you are in this area...
              You can read this in "Dreams and Nightmares"


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                I would have to read the story again. Unless the Freehold is massive though it shouldn't take that long to travel past the stabilizing influence I think.


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                  The problem comes, when you imagine the nature of freeholds, trods and the dreaming and compare them. Freeholds, trods and some other areas are stable points. The firchlis arent as heavy as usual in this places and you can not get lost in the dreaming until you don't leave the save enviroment of the stable point. Besides, there are changeling communities which are living entirly in the Near Dreaming in homesteads (freeholds which exist entirly in the dreaming without the mundane counterpart). What you describe would mean, that it would be impossible for changelings to live, trade and hold court in the near dreaming, except they are on a silver path.

                  I hope you see now, that my confusion refers mostly on the geographical aspect of a trod, which come in conflict with stable points in the dreaming, such as homesteads.


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                    While the silver path is the most secure trod in the Dreaming, it leads deeper into it, into the Vale of Mists and the Far Dreaming. It is protected by the ancient bans, so the Denizens and Thallain can't travel the path, that are the two aspects that make the silver path unique. All other trods are relatively stable, too, but they all (even the silver path) are affected by the firchlis.
                    In my games, trods tended to connect two fixed places in the Dreaming, either Realms in the Far Dreaming or Freeholds and portals in the Near Dreaming. It would be save to travel these trods (relatively speaking, as most trods would have a theme going, like a trod of riddles that requires the travelers to solve problems associated with their own flaws and weaknesses; also Denizens and Thallain as well as some Chimera could always become a problem if the story needs it), while traveling through the unbound, wild Dreaming would almost certainly drop the characters anywhere but their original goal.
                    As a trods character changes with the firchlis, most often their actual path changes as well. You take one step off the trod, the firchlis hits you and it's gone, because the path shifted several miles away. And even if you can still see the trod, it could prove impossible to reach it, either to new dangers, environment or it might simply stay out of reach.


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                      The Dreaming is meant to be dangerous to Changelings and only entered (especially off the Silver Path) by the desperate and/or adventure seeking. This is even true of the Near Dreaming.

                      There are certainly no communities of Changelings living full time in the Dreaming. Those are all non-Changeling Kithain described.


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                        "Homesteads are constructed almost entirely in the Dreaming" (Book of freeholds, Page 21)

                        What is with the members of house Danann? They live there too... (Rulebook 20th, Page 124 - 125)

                        And other notes in the 2nd edi rulebook and dreams and nightmares mention that there ARE communities of changelings which live alongside or near to trods in the dreaming.
                        For example: "Numerous Kithain (!) build homes in the Near Dreaming close to a freehold (...)." (Dreams and Nightmares page 24)

                        All what you have to do is to read the books, to notice, that trods are an interessant paradox.

                        But its ok. By now I answered my questions by myself.
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                          And nothing is certain in the Dreaming. Anything is possible there...


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                            No these are good questions that I have had. Are Trods obvious if you don’t enter them through there Rath or are they hidden/elsewhere compared to the near Dreaming.

                            Sometimes I even get the impression that All the near Dreaming exists in Context of Trods and when not by Trods or Freeholds it’s not really the Near Dreaming.

                            They didn’t quite do as a good a job of explaining the metaphysics as the Umbra in Werewolf.

                            It is a time for great deeds!


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                              @Eldagusto: Yeah, you are very right. Sometimes I think the authors don't know either what they wrote and don't understand it probably and yes, the Umbrae in Werewolf is very good described ;-)
                              But maybe this is the trick. As the old Eshu in Dreams and Nightmares says: Sound like a paradox? Good."
                              The entity of the dreaming is paradox by nature and I think every rational individual has to fail to fully understand its nature and how it exactly works...

                              I will manage it with a compromise between the new 20th edition and the scources from Dreams and Nightmares. The Established Gateways, which are mentioned in the new rulebook on page 308, does not change at all and connect mostly one freehold with another. So you can even enter them, if you enter the Near Dreaming via a rath (and not necessarily via a trod!) and in the area of a stable point, like a freehold, just like you enter a normal road in the mundane world. Additionally you can surely enter this type of trod by its normal opening conditions, just as described in the books. I feel good, to handle this type of trods in a more "geographical" correct way.

                              Other trods are another story at all. In Dreams and nightmares on page 24 you can read:
                              "The difference between trods and freeholds is that trods often change over time (established gateways as mentioned in the new rulebook does not!), bending in new directions as the land beneath them flows and mutate."
                              Here I will think about where the trod will lead, which sort of story will awaits the wayfarers etc. This type of trod is only to reach via its one opening point, regardless of the geographic nature.

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