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Over the Garden Wall as an image of the Dreaming

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  • Over the Garden Wall as an image of the Dreaming

    I recently watched Over the Garden Wall ( ) a wonder gently dark fantasy show. I'm suggesting here that much of the animated mini-series could be strip mined for adventures in the Near Dreaming (Greg seems to jump into the Deep Dreaming in a later episode). The brothers are clearly Dreamers targeted by a parasitic chimaera. The brothers travel in a land that seems to be made out of Victorian illustrations and stories.

    Some of the images barely touched on like the two houses that have grown together and become each others secret hidden twin. Each house is haunted by the lonely owner who assumes the other householder is a ghost. Or the lonely monstrous ogre witch with a heart full of fear and gentle love. The sadistic trap of the lantern and its lie. All could be spun into lively campaigns on their own.

    Watch this show and be inspired.

    If you have watched this show, what did you find haunting about it? How would you use it in a game?
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