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  • Fomorian Dreams and Stranger Things...

    The Fomorians are just to fascinating for me to resist using them in my games. But most of these monsters are too powerful to have them assaulting PC’s, at least not too frequently. So, I have been pondering names and perceived personalities for these dread titans. Generally, these are background and plot elements more than foes to fight. The three I list below have much in common and may actually struggle with each other over “dibs,” keeping each other busy.

    Here are three Fomorians that I am presently planning to use:

    Alcyoneus (Red Court)
    Also known as the "Bright One," “Shudde M'ell,” or the "Glittering One." Alcyoneus is a dreaded god of earthquakes, volcanos and violent upheavals. This monster burrows through the earth, appearing as a gem encrusted, colossal worm with tentacles for a head or as a titanic man with snakes for arms and legs. Alcyoneus is only recently free of its prison under Mount Vesuvius, but has moved its lair to the Yellowstone Caldera. He wishes nothing less than to tear open the Earth and destroy civilization. Alcyoneus is served by Bholes (see below), Nasties, Ogres, Satyrs, Trolls, Vhujunka, worm and dragon-like chimera and apocalyptic cults.

    Crom Cruach (White Court)
    Also known as “Rlim Shaikorth,” the “White Worm,” and the “Bloody Crooked One,” this Fomorian was worshipped as a fertility god that craved bloody sacrifice. This "Maggot god" is linked with rot and death and those creatures that ear rotten things. Crom Cruach appears as a gigantic, pale, white worm with a great gaping maw and a fringe of white tentacles. This creature eagerly awaits the coming Winter, as it is a creature of the cold and damp. Crom Cruach has recently awoken and is served by Bholes, Bogies, Ghasts, Night Hags, Sidhe, Sluagh, Weeping Wights and a growing cult of enchanted mortals.

    Dagon (Green Court)
    Also known as Hydra, Nightmare and Qyrl, Dagon is the lord of all shelled ocean-dwellers, such as squid, octopi, cuttlefish, slugs, snails, and other boneless sea creatures. This powerful entity is the progenitor of the Murdhuacha and the Chulorviah. Dagon massive hybrid of human, octopus, and dragon. He is usually depicted as being hundreds of meters tall, with webbed arms, tentacles, and a pair of rudimentary wings on his back. Dagon has been active since prehistoric times and is served by Chulorviah, Kelpies, Murdhuacha, River Hags, aquatic chimera and a secretive cult of mortals.

    Fomorian Cults in my game will be mostly mortals with a leadership of enchanted mortals and Kinain. Ranking members having received undertaken the "Rite of Parted Mists" via a dreadful ritual dedicating them to their patron deity or a specific Fomorian Court. Holy sites for these cults will often be Tarraroms, places where Thallain and other Nightmare creatures gain access to the Autumn world. The hight priesthood of these cults will typically be caretakers of these “Nightmare gates,” keeping them open with horrible rites and sacrifice. A “Dark Balefire” is always to be found in such places.

    Bhole (Urban Legend)

    “Now Carter knew from a certain source that he was in the vale of Pnath, where crawl and burrow the enormous bholes; but he did not know what to expect, because no one has ever seen a bhole, or even guessed what such a thing may be like. Bholes are known only by dim rumour from the rustling they make amongst mountains of bones and the slimy touch they have when they wriggle past one. They cannot be seen because they creep only in the dark.” - H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.
    Bholes, also called Dholes or Dôls, are huge, slimy worm-like creatures. Bholes are powerful burrowers which can live for more than a thousand years, and are protective of their young. They move through muscular contractions, and by eating everything ahead of them and defecating the earth out as they pass, leaving little trace of their presence. Bholes resemble earthworms with enormous mouths filled with row upon row of jagged teeth. Bholes range in size from merely huge to unspeakably gigantic. It is said that a chanting sound accompanies every Bhole, and that by such they can be detected while underground and unseen.
    Attributes: Strength 8, Dexterity 4, Stamina 8, Charisma 0, Manipulation 0, Appearance 0, Perception 3, Intelligence 1, Wits 2
    Note: The Attributes listed above reflect the statistics for an average (100-foot) Bhole. Strength and Stamina increase substantially the larger the creatures grow, and there appears to be no upper limit on how much they can grow. Alcyoneus is allegedly strong enough to shatter concrete by rippling his skin.
    Abilities: Athletics 5 (cannot dodge), Brawl 5
    Glamour 8, Willpower 5
    Health Levels: OK, OK, OK, –1, –1, –1, –2, –2, –2, –3, –3, –4, –4, –5, –5, Incapacitated
    Attacks: Bite (Strength aggravated), Roll (Strength bashing — more than 3 successes indicate the target is pinned under the creature’s bulk), Body Slam (Strength + 3 bashing)
    Powers: Aggravated Damage (bite), Armor (x5), Burrowing, Earthquake, Enchantment, Gulp, Hide, Immunity (acid, fire), Traverse Dreaming, Wyrd.
    Burrowing: The Bhole can tunnel through the ground, whether in the Dreaming or the Autumn world, as if it were a fish through water. This has no cost.
    Earthquake: The Bhole causes the ground to open up beneath a target. To invoke these disasters, the Storyteller rolls the Bholes Glamour, (difficulty 6) and spends a Willpower point. The exact effects are up to the Storyteller, but often affect a 100-foot radius for each success rolled. If the attack causes damage, assume that victims takes two or three normal Health Levels for each success. Some attacks, like falling rocks, are more deadly, but may allow the target a Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 6-8) to get clear. Bholes are immune to this attack.
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    Below are a growing problem for the Fae in my home campaign.

    Hollow Men (or Women)
    A Hollow Man (or Woman) is a hollowed-out skin animated by a colony of vermin, little more than a channel for the black urges of the Dark. A Hollow Man looks mostly human, though pale and sickly. Closer inspection will find scarring and poorly healed stitches in appalling places, though Hollow Men will make great efforts to hide any such sign. To enchanted eyes, their skin rustles and surges with the motions of the colony within, and occasionally a member of that colony will peek out through an available orifice, or crawl across the surface of the Hollow Man’s skin. Despite their mutilations, Hollow Men are still able to perceive the world, and to speak, although their voices are the modulated buzzing of hornets, or the chorused hiss of serpents.
    Genesis: Hollow Men are created through dark rituals enacted by Fomorian Cults (see above). This horrible ritual involved eviscerating human victims and Nightmare Chimera causing swarms of vermin such as rats, snakes, roaches, or wasps, to stampede into the gutted husk and complete the task of hollowing it out. Within a matter of minutes or hours, the new Hollow Man rises and goes about carrying out the will of the Dark.
    Roleplaying Notes: You’re empty. You have your old memories, but not your old life. You hate everything, especially the colony that nips at your skin and skitters across your bones. Nevertheless, you need them. Without them, you’d be so empty. So alone. Without the worms in your eyes, you couldn’t see. Without the worms in your head, you couldn’t think. They’re everything to you now. You need them. You hate them. You need them.
    Court: White (Fomorians)
    Legacies: Charlatan, Deviant
    Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 1, Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 3
    Abilities: Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Expression 2, Firearms 2, Intimidation 4, Kenning 4, Gremayre 3, Stealth 2, Subterfuge 3, Survival 3
    Backgrounds: None
    Glamour: 5, Willpower: 8, Banality 3
    Powers: Dispersion, Husk, Squeeze.
    Dispersion: The Hollow Man can disintegrate into thousands, maybe millions, of normal-sized vermin. Even if many of these vermin are killed, if the leaders survive, they can eat normal vermin and build up enough mass to inhabit a new body (if available).
    Husk: The Hollow Man wears a suit made out of a human skin, which must withstand the scrutiny of mortal perceptions or begin to tear and rot. The storyteller must roll the Hollow Man’s Manipulation + Subterfuge against the difficulty of the highest Banality rating present. Failing the roll inflicts a Health Level of damage to the Hollow Man, while a botch inflicts two Health Levels of damage.
    Squeeze: The Hollow Man with this power can wriggle through holes as small as 5% of its ordinary circumference. The creature rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6). The effects last for one “slide” through a hole (until the Hollow Man reaches an area wider than its original size). While squeezing like this, the Hollow Man can move at half her normal running speed.This requires the expenditure on one Willpower and cannot be done in the presence of unenchanted mortals.

    Hollow Men of White Worm
    Crom Cruach has created a number of Hollow Men to serve its purposes in the Autumn world. They are enchanted to appear as humans and are more cunning than other Hollow Men (Manipulation 4, Appearance 3, Subterfuge 5, Survival 4). In addition to the powers listed above, the Hollow Man possess the following:
    Dark Appetite: As the Redcap power (see Changeling the Dreaming page 101).
    Vermin Vomit: The Hollow Man vomits a geyser of biting worms and acid onto its foe. This attack has a range of 25 feet. Each blast of worms can cover a single foe and can be done three times a day. Roll Dexterity + Athletics to hit (difficulty 7); each successful attack does two dice of lethal damage. The victim can spend a point of Willpower to avoid immediately stopping what he’s doing and retching uncontrollably for one round.
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      You have my interest!


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        Originally posted by Freederp92 View Post
        You have my interest!

        Happy to hear it!

        “Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.”
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          Also known as The Kraken or The Secret One, Scylla is an offspring of Dagon (see above). She has the appearance of a gigantic, red-bodied, black-ringed, and six-eyed octopus with small wings. Like her father, she is able to alter her body-proportions at will, such as by enlarging her wings to enable her to fly. While she normally has eight arms like any octopus, she can extrude or retract additional ones at will (she has been known to sport as many as twelve arms). Each arm is equipped with dozens of razor-sharp claws, each about five inches in length.
          According to legend, Scylla came from a distant realm in the Deep Dreaming called Sothis, along with her siblings Charybdis, Glaucus, and Phorcys, but later traveled to the Near Dreaming seas of Earth with her family where she took up residence, heavily guarded in an underwater Dream Realm of Mu. The Order of Dagon tries to hide all information about the goddess, as she is precious to the future plans of Dagon. Despite this, Scylla has a small number of “friends” among psychics and kithain magicians around the world, most of whom are unaware of her nature.
          Storyteller Notes: In 1997, Scylla was captured by mortal researchers who mistakenly believed her to be a rare specimen of a previously undiscovered octopus’ species. For the sake of preserving and studying the species, they then attempt to impregnate her through artificial insemination (there were no survivors). Since this incident, Scylla has developed a disturbing curiosity about humanity. She has begun assuming a human form to explore the world of men and kithain.
          Legacy: Pandora, Omega
          Court: Green (Fomorian)
          Attributes: Strength 10, Dexterity 5, Stamina 9, Charisma 3, Manipulation 6, Appearance 0, Perception 5, Intelligence 6, Wits 4
          Abilities: Academics 2, Alertness 3, Animal Ken (cephalapods, jellyfish) 8, Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Crafts 3, Enigmas 2, Etiquette 5, Expression 3, Gremayre 5, Intimidation 6, Kenning 5, Melee 2, Occult 4, Stealth 3.
          Backgrounds: Allies 3, Chimera 8+, Remembrance 4, Treasure 8+.
          Arts: Dragon’s Ire 5, Naming 4, Oneiromancy 5, Primal 2, Soothsay 3, Skycraft 5, Wayfare 4, Winter 5.
          Realms: Actor 5, Fae 5, Nature 5, Prop 2, Scene 3, Time 2
          Glamour 10, Willpower: 10
          Health Levels: OK, OK, –1, –1, –2, –2, –2, –5, –5, Incapacitated
          Redes: Aggravated Damage, Armor (x12), Befuddle, Corruption, Devour, Enchantment, Fear, Gulp, Healing, Hide, Mindspeak, Reform, Scuttle, Steal Glamour, Traverse Dreaming, Wyrd
          Armor Rating: 12 (21 soak dice, total)
          Attacks: Tentacles (10 Lethal); Bite (13 Aggravated). Additional powers:
          • Corruption: By making a Glamour challenge against the target's Willpower, Scylla implants a single evil suggestion that their target must act on before the session is through. She may use this Rede on mortals. This rede costs 1 willpower to use.
          • Devour: Scylla can regain lost Glamour by eating living prey (normally, 10 Glamour per live human consumed, or one for every pint of blood). She can use this power in conjunction with Gulp.
          • Mindspeak: Scylla can mentally communicate with any Chulorviah, Merrow, or Dagon cultist up to 500 miles away. This power requires no roll or expenditure.
          • Reform: Scylla may dissolve her form and transport herself through the Dreaming to the Abyss of Yhe (a deep Grotto in the Sea of Dreams). It takes Scylla a full turn to try to re-form. The Storyteller must roll the monsters Glamour successfully for this Rede to succeed.
          • Tentacles: Scylla may attack twelve foes without splitting her dice pool. Alternately, she can focus all of her attacks on a single foe, gaining an extra die for each tentacle used, or adding one more damage die per tentacle. Once a creature is grappled, it is immobilized (no Dodge roll vs tentacle of bite) until it breaks free (Strength roll, +1 difficulty for each tentacle used).
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            Like Bhole ( Thunderwyrms) and Hollowmen ( Hollowmen ) a lot of WtA Fomori and Wyrmbeasts make excellent servants of the Fomorians.


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              I love these.


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                Originally posted by Damian May View Post
                Like Bhole ( Thunderwyrms) and Hollowmen ( Hollowmen ) a lot of WtA Fomori and Wyrmbeasts make excellent servants of the Fomorians.
                I agree completely. The Bholes of Pnath are a particular delight for me.

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                  This is wonderful. I am stealing a lot of this for my Werewolf campaigns. I tend to incorporate a lot of cosmic horror for the Wyrm, and being able to tie this into Changeling lore as well actually helps a lot.


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                    The proper name for the White Court is the Frost Court, in case you're interested. The Red Court is also implied to be the Fire Court. Neat creations.


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                      Originally posted by Saint Michael View Post
                      The proper name for the White Court is the Frost Court, in case you're interested. The Red Court is also implied to be the Fire Court. Neat creations.

                      Ooo! I am interested. Thank you.

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                        I'd really like to see some of the Fomorian figures from Irish mythology too.


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                          Originally posted by Saint Michael View Post
                          The proper name for the White Court is the Frost Court, in case you're interested. The Red Court is also implied to be the Fire Court. Neat creations.
                          I don't remember that. Could you please kindly redirect me to the book in question? Apparently I need a refresher .

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                            THE DARK MOTHER

                            The Dark Mother, also known as Angrboda, Domnu, G’lough, Magna Mater and the Black Goat of the Woods, is the mother-goddess of the Fomorians and great rival to other Mother Goddesses, including Danu. The Dark Mother is a primordial fertility deity, often depicted as a giantess with the horns and hooves of a great she-goat. In her true form she manifests as an ever-shifting panoply of horrors, constantly flowing like wax and reforming into increasingly horrid configurations. Sometimes elements of The Dark Mother slough off to become independent Bholes, Dark Spawn (see below), Nightmare Chimera, Nervosa, Nocnitsa, and other monstrosities.
                            The current residence of the Dark Mother remains a mystery, though she is known to have been active among the worlds of the Outer Dark. A popular hypothesis is that she primarily dwells in a realm beyond the Deep Dreaming (the Deep Umbra), a world somewhere in the Hyades star cluster. The Dark Mother has been known to visit the Elemental Courts where she is well known and deeply respected. Wherever she dwells, the Dark Mother is attended by a vast horde of nightmarish life-forms, chimera, spirits, fae and strange beasts that are both flesh and ephemera.

                            THE CULT OF THE DARK MOTHER
                            Except for Dagon, the Dark Mother enjoys perhaps the most widespread worship on earth. A Mother-goddess figure, since the days of the Stone Age humans have looked to her fecund mysteries as sources of awe and wonder. Contemporary cultists have come to link the Dark Mother with the principles behind biological life, the mystery of cell division and osmosis. Where life exists on any scale, the womb of The Dark Mother is at work. Her Foawr, special children and emissaries are, often sworn over to her worshippers. Rites of the Dark Mother center around sex and fertility. She is primarily served by Bholes (see above), Dark , Ghuls, Nasties, Ogres, Lurks, and a great many unseelie Pooka, Satyrs, Trolls, Redcaps and mortal cultists. Black Spiral Dancers revere this goddess as G'lough, the Dance of Corruption, and can occasionally be found at ceremonies dedicated to the Dark Mother.
                            The Milk of the Dark Mother: This black, syrupy liquid substance frequently “weeps” from idols dedicated to the Dark Mother and is a powerful form of Dross. Anyone other than Thallain or Unseelie Kithain attempting to use the Milk of the Dark Mother as Dross instead gains Nightmare dice (see Dross page 320). Mortal followers of the Dark Mother who drink the Milk of the Dark Mother gain the equivalent of “The Ritual of Parted Mists” (see Changeling the Dreaming page 461-463) often gaining minor mutations to mark the favor of the Dark Mother.

                            DARK SPAWN

                            Dark Spawn, also known as the the Foawr, Gaborchend and Tree-Demons are the “unnumbered young” of the Dark Mother. To mortal eyes they appear as gnarled, sinister trees. But to fae or enchanted eyes, they are horrifying, pitch-black monstrosities, seemingly made of ropy tentacles. They stand as tall as a tree (perhaps between twelve and twenty feet tall) on a pair of stumpy, hoofed legs. A mass of tentacles protrudes from their trunks where a head would normally be, and puckered maws, dripping green goo, cover their flanks. A congregation of these abominations smells like an open grave. Dark Spawn usually dwell in hills and woodlands wherever the cult of the Dark Mother is active. On their own these monsters keep to lonely woods and dark hollers between the hills where they prey upon hikers and lonely wanderers who cross their path.
                            Legacy: Beast, Terror
                            Court: Black (Denizens of the Dreaming, page 88)
                            Attributes: Strength 7, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5, Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
                            Abilities: Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Empathy 2, Intimidation (Inspire Terror) 4, Kenning 2, Subterfuge 3, Survival (Hunting) 4
                            Backgrounds: Allies (cult) 5
                            Glamour 8, Willpower: 2
                            Health Levels: OK, OK, OK, OK, –1, –1, –2, –2, –5, Incapacitated
                            Redes: Aggravated Damage, Armor (x8), Blighted Touch, Devour, Fear, Hide (in forest), Tentacles, Traverse Dreaming, Weapon, Wyrd
                            Armor Rating: 8 (13 soak dice, total)
                            Attacks: Hoof strike (8L), Tentacles (7, Lethal); Bite (9 Aggravated). Additional powers:
                            • Blighted Touch: If the Dark Spawn deals damage on an attack, the target must make a reflexive Willpower roll. If she fails, her unseelie or nightmare legacy dominate her personality for the next few hours. If she botches, the change is permanent.
                            • Devour: Dark Spawn can regain lost Glamour by eating living prey (normally, 10 Glamour per live human consumed).
                            • Tentacles: Dark Spawn may attack eight foes without splitting their dice pool. Alternately, they can focus all of their attacks on a single foe, gaining an extra die for each tentacle used, or adding one more damage die per tentacle. Once a creature is grappled, it is immobilized (no Dodge roll vs tentacle of bite) until it breaks free (Strength roll, +1 difficulty for each tentacle used).
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                              I use G'lough as a stand-in for Shub-Niggurath as well, but I try to rub off the serial #s a bit more than you do. I try not to transplant Lovecraftian entities directly into my World of Darkness, but the concepts behind those entities. I do like the strategic placing of Fomorian names alongside them, as well as other mythological names.

                              I recommend Tsathoggua as a good Great Old One that can be transplanted in the game. He's less alien and malevolent than a lot of mythos concepts (most of Clark Ashton Smith's are compared to Lovecraft) and thus something that can be introduced into high level play against PCs.

                              Also interested to see if you try to incorporate any of Lovecraft's Dreamlands into the general Dreaming setting. The city of Syrannon, mentioned in the Zolondere/Silver Portal section of the Sorcerer books, seems an obvious rift on the names Lovecraft used for Dreamslands cities. One of my projects, which I have not made much progress in, is to expand the Dreaming by includning more Dreamlands concepts while still keeping the real world faerie nature of the Dreaming intact.