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    Originally posted by Black Fox View Post
    I use G'lough as a stand-in for Shub-Niggurath as well, but I try to rub off the serial #s a bit more than you do. I try not to transplant Lovecraftian entities directly into my World of Darkness, but the concepts behind those entities. I do like the strategic placing of Fomorian names alongside them, as well as other mythological names.

    Also interested to see if you try to incorporate any of Lovecraft's Dreamlands into the general Dreaming setting. The city of Syrannon, mentioned in the Zolondere/Silver Portal section of the Sorcerer books, seems an obvious rift on the names Lovecraft used for Dreamslands cities. One of my projects, which I have not made much progress in, is to expand the Dreaming by includning more Dreamlands concepts while still keeping the real world faerie nature of the Dreaming intact.
    The Dark Mother example above is significantly more overt than the tastes of my games, but this is more of an experiment. For my own games, creatures like Crom Cruach is more to my liking as a big bad. However things going "cosmic" is always a possibility.

    Astrological symbolism is used quite often in my games, with Zodiac Incarnae having powerful influence in Changeling circles (and Fera allies). The stars Arcturus (and the Great Diamond) and Fomalhaut (the Eye of Balor) are particularly significant.

    As for the Dreamlands / Dreaming. I see these as just another Dream World and a good example of the "wild" dreaming between Trods and Homesteads. Dunsany's version of the Dreamlands is actually more of my taste that Smith or Lovecrafts, though the withering Dark has a nice flavor on occasion.


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        It's in Denizens of the Dreaming, The Winterweir, page 31, paragraph 2, sentence 5. Queen Lir is a half-fomorian, half-fuath... thing who rules over the Frost Court.


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          Mythadvocate your excellent thread has stirred me from my Primordial Slumber and I return to this forum to resond!

          Top notch as always I love the mixing of real myth with Wyrm and Lovecraft! The Black Spiral Fertility Goddess G’lough in my headcanon is Lilith, I ignore the Whitehowler description of her as a corrupted old totem.

          And I love your vision of Hollowmen, they were one of my inspirations for the Unfleshed a Gallain/Thallain/Adhene/ Chimerathat are deadmen that are withered Bones that wear the skin of others and have to undertake a Ruse, so the more they can convince others they are alive the more like actual people they seem, with the idea that social media has created a profound opportunity for them to fake a party lifestyle and gain thousands or millions of followers.

          But I really like all these as some of your finest work yet. You’ve presented a viable way to interact with The Fomorians.

          It is a time for great deeds!