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C20: Changing the legacies system by the archetypes system

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  • C20: Changing the legacies system by the archetypes system

    Hi there!

    (English is not my first language, french is, so sorry in advance for any errors or if it's difficult to understand what I want to say.)

    I was reading (again) the section on Legacies in the C20 book (p. 156). I fairly understand the idea.

    However, I was wondering why did Changeling had to have a different system compared to other games in the World of Darkness, where they use archetypes? (Even W20 uses Archetypes as an option in the appendix)

    (I have V20, W20 and M20 with a lot of books on Mage, from 2nd, revised and M20 edition.)

    Also, I was thinking about switching from legacies to archetypes (from other books) in C20.

    But before doing this, I want to ask everyone here what are your thoughts on this? What problem could it create?

    Thanks in advance for your time and patience!


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    Because Archtypes are "Human" psychological concepts while Legacies are the role one has in a story? It represent a core natural difference the innate inhumanity of the changeling even more so than the beastborn fera.


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      Legacies are also a statement that Kithain have two core natures, one dominant, one in the background. That they can, under certain circumstances, switch between those natures, present an equally true face to the world. That they have Bans, things that violate their role and weaken their willpower.

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