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Happy 50th Anniversary of the Resurgence!!!

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  • Happy 50th Anniversary of the Resurgence!!!

    "The cold centuries passed slowly. For humanity, science and reason paved the way for the Age of Technology. One by one the mysteries of the universe feel beneath the onslaught of the microscope and telescope, revealing the microcosm of atomic theory and the macrocosm of an expanding galaxy. As avenues of wonder closed, explained away by one discovery after another, changelings huddled wherever small pockets of Glamour remained and whispered of the coming Endless Winter, a time of ultimate triumph for Banality.

    "Then the miraculous happened. On July 20, 1969, millions of people all over the world watched their televisions in fascination as astronauts landed on the moon. Glamour rocked the world, released from centuries of confinement by the simultaneous reawakening of humanity's sense of wonder. From science's iron womb, magic - at least for a moment - was reborn.

    "A moment was enough. The upsurge of Glamour blew open the gateways to Arcadia, reopening faerie trods that had been dormant since the Shattering. Lost freeholds reappeared, their glory restored by three power of humanity's dreams of walking on the moon."

    - Changeling: the Dreaming, 2nd Edition

    Happy 50th Anniversary of the Resurgence!!! (and the moon landing, I suppose....)

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    One small step for Neil but a big step for Buzz.

    Never forget the personalities.


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      I run Changeling in a large online game, and for that night I had a resurgence resurgence, part of a larger plot I had going on play out while there was a influx of new arrivals, stragglers including Arcadian commoners, Kinain, and others who'd been at the end of the great procession to leave and been stuck in the Dreaming for 50 years after an attack (none could quite agree on what separated them from the main host that arrived before them).