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Advice on this Arcadian Sidhe Antagonist

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  • Advice on this Arcadian Sidhe Antagonist

    I am planning on running a C:20 campaign soon and while brainstorming antagonists I thought up an interesting one. So, far, my idea is an Arcadian Sidhe by the name of Spiro Dimidis. Spiro is an Arcadian Sidhe with a fixation on Ancient Greece, and it works. He often dresses up as a Greek nobleman in his fay mien and often peppers his speech to fellow noblemen with Greek words. His freehold, The Grand Temple of Helios, a renovated Masonic Temple, serves as his Freehold base. It also serves as the headquarters of The Grand Order of Elysium, a fraternal order who bases their ritualist trappings and some other customs on Ancient Greece and their customs

    In his mortal seeming, he juggles the responsibility of running The Order and administrating the company he inherited from his mortal father, Olympus Security, whom he uses as security for Grand Order meetings. He uses The Grand Order, and it works as a source of glamor to stave away banality and often uses his resources, mortal and fae, and the resources of other high-leveled members of the Society to take care of enemies both mortal and fae or to accomplish his own grandiose schemes.

    Which Seelie or Unseelie house could this character fit into and how would you make him an interesting foe for Changelings to fight?
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