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Chimerical interaction with the Autumn World

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  • Chimerical interaction with the Autumn World

    Page 55 states that inanimate Chimera can interact with the mortal realm, so long as mortals do not see them. What are the exact implications of this in your setting, and how do you define being "seen?"

    Say for example, a Gremlin chimera hitches a ride on the wings of an airplane and starts messing with it. Would this be possible, so long as it remained out of sight of any mortals (except maybe the one Enchanted passenger freaking out that he sees a Gremlin tearing off the airplane wing), or would modern flight avionics and system diagnostics show a disturbance which does not exist, triggering Banality?

    Suppose a Chimera exists which learns how to use computers. "Codemonkey," "Anon E. Mouse," etc. Would it be able to get away with posting to an anonymous imageboard, versus being able to get away with setting up a code repository and doing software development?

    Would a chimerical horse that is unwitnessed leave behind "ghost tracks" so to speak? Or chimerical corn-spirits dancing crop circles into existence.

    Could a Chimerical Grassy Gnoll wield a mundane sniper rifle and act as a second gunman?

    Finally, the text as written states that Chimera cannot be *seen* by unenchanted mortals? Can they be sensed in non-visual ways? For example, chimerical rats scuttling through the airducts would cause mysterious tapping noises, chimerical winds leaving goosebumps/cold chills, or leaving behind odors best-not-described?

    How have you handled Chimerical interactions with the Autumn?

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    I’d be ok with that. The idea that strange noises in subways are chimerical dragons is a nice concept.


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      It works, just remember that the chimera are seriously at risk from any Banality rolls from the mortals, and that the Mists will cover up anything too weird depending on the mortal's Banality raiting.


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        What is the benchmark for weirdness that you'd say is appropriate? I know that something like a Changeling on a chimerical airship would be a reflexive Banality trigger and shunt into the Near Dreaming...but what actively causes a Chimera to take those tests, besides Autumn People?


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          Hard rules for this sort of thing are tricky. Bul as a general rule, I would say that chimera can only be seen or touched by fae, chimera, the enchanted and those with " the sight" (psychics, spiritists, small children and some animals).

          Persons outside of these criteria might see chimerical reality when it is thematically appropriate. Elves on Christmas, cavorting demons at 3am, the monback men in the early morning and the like.

          As far as inanimate chimera go, my understanding is that such items act as material rather than ephemera. They might have a physical form, such as a plastic dagger or cardboard armor, but can only cut or protect away from mortal eyes.

          As a side note, chimerical elements to a machine, such as an automobile, can function in front of mortals. As long as a mortal does not lift the hood to see the nocker contraption within.
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