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Has anyone played a Swan Maiden?

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    I ended up creating an Unseelie Swan Maiden who defies the conventions of her kith and helps people understand that sex is a beautiful thing if you have feelings for the person. I picked this particular kith because I really am good at giving romantic advice and I wanted to play a character more like myself for a change. She has the Profound Loss Frailty and the Mantle of the Maiden Frailty, except that it doesn’t come into play if she’s in love with the person. (I really wanted her to be able to hook up without penalty during those periods when she’s not actually in love with someone, but my ST absolutely refused to go for that). True Love’s Curse was totally dropped.

    RigelJ your analysis really helped. Hopefully this addresses some of the points you raised.

    In D&D, Fionnghuala is the goddess of Swan Maidens. Fionnghuala is also the Irish version of Penelope.


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      Originally posted by RigelJ View Post

      Lowkey, if I were a Swan Maiden, I would work my ass off to find a namer and become like any other kith SO fast.

      Honestly, I would, too. Not only is the kith forced to take a vow of celibacy for life, but any attempt to form a romantic attachment is doomed to end in tragedy for at least one of them?

      Swan Maidens sound like they sprang from the dreams of an anti-social masochist!


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        Originally posted by RigelJ View Post
        Just wanna say that there is a lot of negativity going on here. While I personally agree that the Swan Maiden kith could have been structured a little better, I actually think they offer more narrative than say a Selkie. Nothing on the Selkie Birthright/Frailty actually provides a plot hook beyond "NPC stole my coat", and how many times can you actually run that story? Swan Maidens intrinsically offer tension and exist as a criticism of real issues that exist in our world, so like... yeah, they could be built a little better, but like also lets not jump down @Penelope's throat. We're all Changeling fans here, and that makes us all super weird. Swan Maidens might not be perfect, but lets face it, Changeling has had worse issues in the past.

        I am not jumping down Penelope's throat. I think the mechanics of it are questionable and don't even have "But myth" as a basis.. I mean in myth Swan maids are just basically Selkie variants in at least the folklore I've seen. I mean its.. kind fo weird Swanmaids.. don't turn into swans.

        On the other hand there's plenty of room for Angels of love as it were.