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Running Changeling as a Historic/"Kingmaker" game.

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  • Running Changeling as a Historic/"Kingmaker" game.

    As I brainstorm potential settings/time periods for running a game, one hypothetical thought is to run a Changeling game in the Holy Roman Empire of 1648.

    1648 of course was the year of the Treaty of Westphalia, ending the 30 Years War. By now, Germany and other parts of Central Europe have been devestated, and the Holy Roman Empire is mostly titular with the exception of Hapsburg power in Austria.

    With this in mind, I am contemplating a game set in the precursor to the Galician Federation. Numerous Freeholds exist in various states of ruin and decay, Thallain glutted on decades of desolation are still roaming the dark forests, many trods have fallen into disrepair, and individual courts are still attempting to negotiate their way through the uncertain times, and in seven years time, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is going to suffer under The Deluge.

    Given such a timeperiod and lore do not exist in C20, since it's based on "today," how would you run a hypothetical "kingmaker" game? There are two ways I can see the game being run:
    1) The players collectively control a single Freehold or cluster of Freeholds, with the ability to levy small groups of Kinain/enchanted Auxiliaries/Chimera, their goal being to negotiate alliances, engage in Trod maintenance, combatting Thallain, etc.
    2) Each player is a Freeholder. The game acts on a scale more akin to Civilization or Crusader Kings, where players negotiate alliances/conspire against one another, the game lasts for a certain number of "in-game" years, "turns" represent "seasons", and the scale is more macro-ish. After 7 in-game years, determine which player has accumulated the most power.

    Has anyone considered doing a game on this sort of "scale?" What sort of advice would be needed to use the historical Changeling society post-Sundering as a backdrop for a "strategic" game? Or has anyone here tried houseruling to do a campaign like that?
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    Sounds board gamey, but very cool. The C20 players guide provides a cool system for Agendas. That could work towards your macro method of gameplay, but at a certain point it may become tedious and boring, reducing everything to a game of arbitrary dice rolls, losing what made Changeling special, if each player was only controlling a single Changeling. In that circumstance, I would probably recommend having a plethora of changelings that one could "recruit", provided a given player spent time trying to accomplish that, and have each player basically design a motley over time. As for the setting, seems like you know what you want to do with the story. Note that a pre-resurgence game would be tough for Changelings, as canonically the Dreaming took a serious hit and is waning pretty hard. I would make sure that in any given season, having one of your Changeling's be undone is a real possibility, and management of Dreamers is a major part of your game.


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      I ultimately decided to take a middle ground.
      The players start off having recovered a Freehold in the middle of the Black Forest, and work to get it up and running. As they do this, they then need to look to protecting what few Dreamers remain after the war, explore the increasingly alien Dreaming, and negotiate with other Freiholdstadts. I'm referencing older lore that the mid-17th Century was when Lost One Freeholds started appearing, as well as handwaving in that many Trods warped, disappeared, or appeared as a result of the Galileo Affair.

      So, 1648 is going to be an interesting time to be a Commoner. The players are currently working through character creation, and as things go, I will probably attempt to recap "key" events and houserules as they come up.


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        There were still some Scathach Sidhe active during that time. And possibly House Danaan too, though I think they were all in the Near Dreaming.

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