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Kithain and Organized Crime

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    Hmm. Now I want to play a Sidhe mafia princess.

    What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
    Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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      Lady Belladonna?

      Incidentally, the other aspect of Kithain crime families would be handling business across two layers. Everything from stashing cocaine into the dreams of an emotional support dog, to determining the proper bribes to get a dragon heart past a trod checkpoint.

      The most interesting thing I could see being a good plot hook would be if a certain crime family started finding ways to create knockoff copies of weapons normally under Bes Din trademark, and selling them to parties willing to pay top dollar/dross. Or on a secondary level, money laundering/transference to Middle Eastern insurgent groups via Eshu intermediaries that have mastered old halawa networks.


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        MagicJuggler maybe an Eiluned hit woman named Nikki the Snake who plays Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” before she kills her victim...

        In D&D, Fionnghuala is the goddess of Swan Maidens. Fionnghuala is also the Irish version of Penelope.


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          Originally posted by RigelJ View Post
          Thats fairly accurate; the blood bond cares nothing for you creative disposition, while " to temporarily enchant a mortal ...spend an amount of Glamour greater than the subject’s Banality rating". It's a lot easier for kindred to drag humans screaming into their world, that's part of their tragedy. Conversely, it's almost impossible to keep a human enchanted for any real amount of time without Chimerically crippling yourself. For Changelings, the world is a lot more hopeless. To have a Chimerical mob, I would recommend not actually having a mob full of enchanted mortals, but a Motley who is in charge of the mob itself. A rich boss who works very hard to have a cultured side (see Wilson Fisk from the Daredevil TV show), a few Kinain in their lives that they have brought into the family, probably some of the above roles mentioned. Further, this group would probably be VERY Unseelie, either working with the Shadow court to destabilize Noble institutions or flat out being a subsidiary of Balor. The fact that they work with what is conventionally a banal organization would actually probably make them terrifying, and they might even have a couple Autumn people on their employ they use specifically for attacking Seelie centers of power. It is one of the great hypocrisies of the Unseelie that they claim to be the enemies of banality, but also are the most willing to use it as a weapon. I would also note that there is potential to include Prodigals in this game; I made a Changeling I never got to play that is in a dedicated "relationship" with a Kindred. House Balor is stated in C20 to have basic knowledge of the goings of Prodigals, and the Followers of Set like them some Snake Gods. I think there is real merit to including other supernaturals in the world provided that narrative lends itself to parallel themes.
          It strikes me that to Enchant Mortal members of "The Family" it would be cheaper (and thematically appropriate) to give them a small Treasure, which would maintain enchantment as long as the mortal has the item. There are many iconic symbols that fit in with the organized crime motif and are suitable spooky for Changeling themes. Necklaces, and tattoos (which I would add an additional dot as a background cost). Some 1 dot treasures that might be thematically appropriate are:

          Santa Muerte Ring: This silver ring boasts an image of Santa Muerte. Grants the Autumn 1 cantrip Creeping Shadows. If taken as a tattoo, this treasure costs 2 dots.

          Owl of Moloch Pendant: This small pendant treasure grants the bearer the Chicanery 1 cantrip Trick of Light. If taken as a tattoo, this treasure costs 2 dots.

          Saint Patrick Medallion: This Catholic medallion grants the Primal 1 cantrip Willow Whisper. If taken as a tattoo, this treasure costs 2 dots.

          Also, I really like the idea of mixed prodigals in organized crime family games. The mixing of Kinain and kinfolk have always made sense to me as well. This could even be the best sort of environment for the different supernatural groups to communicate and find common ground. Though there would still be ferocious clashes of course, a sense of keeping squabbles "in the family" might make for strange bedfellows.
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