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New storyteller, help desperately needed!

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  • New storyteller, help desperately needed!

    So I'm introducing a group of new people to Changeling, some of them this might be their first RPG. I've run Mage before but never Changeling, so I'm feeling a little daunted. Can anyone give me any advice, links to storyhooks, and maybe a list of possible chronicles I could run? I don't have any idea where my story is going to go and would love help and advice from some veterans.

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    Sure. What do you have so far, and what kinds of games do your players like? Political machinations, investigation/sleuthing, or straight-up dungeon-crawling?


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      So even more than Mage, Changeling can have the issue where the PCs can create a drastically different game. So, can you give very brief descriptions of the PCs, or if character creation hasn't happened yet any idea of what sort of game you want, and then we can give advice on how to restrict character creation to fit that? It's really hard to have an idea of what sort of plots might happen outside of who the PCs are.


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        We haven't met yet, don't even have all the players yet. Most of them are new to RPGs, for at least one of them it will be their first experience ever. I'm going to let the players decide which city/town it will be set in. I'm better at running action campaigns, but I'm trying to get better with social scenes. As for plot, I've got a Malkavian Vampire who has become addicted to changeling blood and is screwing with Kithain politics, and a psychotic dragon with so far nebulous goals, either a chimera or a bygone, I think. I've got a few NPCs, and I plan to use the near and far Dreaming for occasional weirdness. The only limit on character creation is they already know each other in some fashion. This being their first experience with changeling ever I'll be beginning with their chrysalis and the year and a day of mentoring. The first session or two will probably a lot of Q&A, I think. And so far that's about it.


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          If everyone is completely new, you could run an "Academy game" from the start, the Year of Fosterage or so at an institution dedicated to helping those that have survived their Chrysalis. Each player gets their 3 basic dots in Arts and 5 dots in Realms "in-play" through classes and practice, you have a few flash-forwards where you introduce students or mentors who become rivals/allies, and once the players have graduated, they allocate their Freebies/Merits/flaws accordingly.

          Perhaps the "Hunt the dragon" starts off as a glorified Snipe Hunt (akin to the Order of the Straight Arrow tradition in King of the Hill) but ends up being a lot tougher than the new Changelings anticipated. Suspiciously so, in fact.


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            Once you've decided on a city or town try and weave in local legends and folklore to really make the setting pop and come alive. Good idea to weave the chrysalis and your Session 0 together, helps to get everyone on the same page.


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              Isle of the Mighty (Britain) and Kingdom of Willows (the old South) might give you some chronicle ideas.

              Rain On Me... Lady Gaga (I went to the same academic summer camp she did) and Ariana Grande. This song actually works really well with the World of Darkness.