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Kithain at War: What topics would need covering?

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  • Kithain at War: What topics would need covering?

    One of the most notable books for Changeling: The Lost was Swords at Dawn, which dealt with how the Season courts handled warfare among themselves. It had rules for duels, tactical planning, and even first introduced Talecrafting. While Talecrafting became updated as an Art proper, there still doesn't appear to be a solid "warfare" book for Changelings, aside from War in Concordia.

    Suppose there was a general-purpose C20 book on Warfare (perhaps titled Death Before Dishonor). What sort of features would one want? Immediate things I can see include:
    -Expanded Retainer rules, as well as rules for organizing them into "shields."
    -A discussion of feudal obligations in Kithain society. Whether the Shining Host, depending on region, requires all freeholders to muster for a Host, or whether Scutage-by-Dross is an option.
    -What conflict looks like between:
    --A vassal vs a liege.
    --Two vassals of the same liege.
    --Two vassals of different lieges who don't wish to escalate the conflict.
    --Outside threats.
    -Rules for besieging Freeholds.
    -Vehicle combat rules.
    -"Hired Help/calling favors." How can factions acquire the temporary service of wildcard groups, roaming Chimera, etc.
    -How the different Noble Houses approach warfare.
    -A list of historical conflicts.
    -Advice on running a game set during the Accordance War.

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    Psychological impact on those involved.
    Political fallout of the conflict.
    War treasures and combat applications of the various Arts.
    The difference between tactics, strategy, and logistics.
    Why changeling conflicts probably need to be settled quickly as the glamour of glory rapidly faids into the banality of war.

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