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1001 Changeling Story Hooks

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  • 1001 Changeling Story Hooks

    In the spirit of similar threads, this one is meant to serve as a list of hooks or ideas for storytellers new or veteran to use for their games.

    1) Snipe Hunt: The players are new Changelings who are about finished with their Fosterage at an Academy Freehold, and their final task before graduating is to find a Snipe, a bird-Chimera born from similar traditions of the Boy Scouts or Order of the Straight Arrow. The Snipe turns out to be far more powerful and hostile than expected, having dragon-like traits. What sort of dreams gave such birth to such a Chimera? And was this mission intentionally set up to fail?
    2) Cursed McGuffin: During a mission, the players come across a powerful artifact. It seems too good to be true, and in many ways it is. However, aside from being a powerful Treasure, it was forged from a Chimera that knew Glamour Pact and Possession. Soon, it is not the Changeling wielding the Treasure, but the other way around. As memory lapses continue, the players have to figure out the curse and to find a way to get rid of the item which somehow keeps finding its way back to its owner.
    3) Inheritance Conflict: The local Baron has, through marital inheritance, ended up being elevated to the Duchy, yet his liege Count refuses to honor the termination of the Oaths of Vassalage and Escheat on grounds that he would be the successor. Politics are heated and any attempts at legal chicanery will be punished by the Dreaming itself. It is up to the players to find a reasonable legal compromise.
    4) Rememberance Wars: Two formerly-steadfast Freeholders have delved deeper into their Remembrance and realize they had been mortal enemies in a past incarnation. Formerly open movement of Kith between the two Freeholds has come to a halt as both sides remain suspicious at best of one another. Can the players help the two former allies resolve the sins of the past?
    5) Chemtrails: Two Barons of the same count have engaged in a limited war over the skies, mounting Chimerical weapons on mundane aircraft. The amount of Glamour being expended is starting to leak into the mortal realm, with reports of chemtrails and other phenomena entering the local farm community's collective paranoia. The count wishes to dispatch the motley to arrange peace by any means necessary before the collateral damage leaves no winners.
    6) The Hangover: The players wake up from Chimerical Death, and have to retrace their steps to see how they got there. Hilarity ensues. A variant of this can exist as a Wild Hunt or Dark City scenario.
    7) Dreamlab: 2021: As a reward or punishment, the Motley is assigned to do "field research" in a laboratory complex straddling the edges of the Far and Deep Dreaming. Hilarity and potential Bedlam ensue as the players have to contend with facility repairs, isolation, and random happenings.
    8) "No Luke, you are my Past Life's Reincarnated Father!": The Count's son has gone through his Chrysalis...and is the reincarnated father of one of the Count's past lives. Teenage drama has never been this enmeshed, even as the players work to guide the "new" Changeling through society while keeping CPS out of the picture.
    9) Fosterage Fostercare: On the flipside of things, a local group home has been infiltrated as an Unseelie 'watchhouse' for potential Changelings, who serve to spirit them away to Fosterage via foster parents. This means navigating paperwork and DSS while not raising too much suspicion over how certain children get adopted faster than others.
    10) Festival Glamping: The music festival is in town, and many performers are in! The potential to harvest Glamour is huge but so is the danger of looting, overdoses, and other nightmares. Can the players navigate this playground of peril, or will they get dragged into the chaos?
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    11) Winter Wonderland: In the deep of winter, a thick blizzard snows in a town/neighborhood where the players reside or are currently located, which heralds the coming chaos. The local Redcaps have decided to use their kinship with the winter to strike out against the current leaders of the area and go on a bloody rampaging revolt to claim power for themselves, screaming through the snowly landscape like horrific paradies of idealic Hallmark holidays. How will the players survive and can the Winter War be stopped?


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      12) #DreamMateSoSidhe: The Romance Reality TV Series "Dream Mate" has only been around for two seasons but has shown success beyond Silver Lion Studios' wildest dreams. With exceptional starlet vetting, suitors who seem naturally immune to looking foolish, and setpieces out of a fairytale, the show has already begun to give more established shows a run for their money.
      What most don't know is that Silver Lion Studios is a pet project of House Fiona, who wish to create a show where the drama inspires people to think big rather than small, and to live the best possible life. The stars so far have been Sidhe knights of good respectability and all seems well...until a notable enbobled Eshu gets rejected at casting, and launches a campaign via proxy of #DreamMateSoSidhe. This would be just a quirk of Kithain drama being an ironic echo of mortal drama, except House Leanhaun and Ailil rally around this cause, and begin pushing it into the Parliament of Dreams. Now, Dream Mate Nation is at risk, for Silver Lion is facing potential budget freezes and shooting delays, and so they send for outside troubleshooters (the players) to untangle this web of drama.


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        13) The Hero and the Dragon:
        An immensely powerful Dragon Chimera (rumored to somehow have undergone the Changeling Way) has manifested and runs a local casino. Offering the chance at a veritable dragon's hoard to any Dreamer foolish enough to put their money on the line and roll some dice, the Dragon is ravaging the hopes out of the many patrons dreaming of winning big. His unflinching callous nature and seemingly limitless raw power are threats to the local courts, who are calling to action any Changeling who can wield blade or spell, with the intent of eradicating this monster who threatens to consume the glamour of all the local Dreamers. The Dragon has taken champions to guard his domain, a domain which takes the form of either a hotel/casino, or a desolate volcanic mountain in the dreaming, depending on your view. There are whispers that he strongly rewards those with a flexible sense of ethics and unflinching loyalty, and indeed, he is ravaging the city itself. Where else could one be offered such vast swathes of Glamour? It is even rumored that the top of his hotel is in fact a Freehold, where creatures that skulk and go bump in the night obey their Draconian masters whims. The local Baumayn insist that the champions on his employ are in fact Thallain, and if this rampant ravaging continues to go unchecked, the city will soon be a desolate frozen hell-scape, completely devoid of Dreams left to keep the hearths. A local Changeling historian says this Dragon appeared before, feeding on the dreams of the city, and then returning to sleep for decades. A seer has stated that if a hero of strong will can find Caericlann, the Beaumayn Blade and slay the dragon, that hero will ascend to become Duke, or Duchess. There is an aspiring Sidhe who believes he is the one to bear the blade, and indeed holds a blade that some report is the Beaumayn blade itself, though these reports are dubious. Further, this Sidhe is well known to treat commoners with unusual cruelty, causing some to rally on the side of the Dragon, preferring to join a living nightmare than to live as cannon fodder against a Noble who would as quickly crush them under his boot as save them from the winter.


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          14) Duke Singh: The previous Duke is dead or has abdicated, and the Duchy of Gardens scrambles to determine its successor. Against all odds, it is not a Sidhe of Gwidion or other one of the more politically-inclined Houses, but an Asiatic Lion Pooka. The coronation is regal, with little of the pranksterism expected of Pooka, but with Cantrip-backed singing and dancing and other feats that would not be out of place in a masala special. The ruling establishment seem suspicious about this Duke, suspecting that this lion is lying through his teeth, whether about his noble origins, or about how capable he is of actually running the Duchy. The Duke comes off as a wise ruler however, playing up the regal protocol, speaking in parables, and only reserving his most egregious lies for pillow-talk (a lion has his pride!). Do the players side with Duke Singh to ensure his grandiose promises for a Garden of Eternal Summer line up with reality, or do the players side with the traditionalists to restore a pretender (in which case the players have to choose a subfaction to support oved the rest), before the Duke destablizes New Jersey? (Or so the Traditionalists claim.)
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            15) a vampire crossover. Some Fae are started to go missing and Mortals dying Suspiciously. The Local lords suspecting they are connected sends the Motley out to investigate. As it turns out the Local Vampire Community has had strange happenings including a Young Brunjah Glowing like the sun and killing all the other Vampires.


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              16) Duke Fancypants (not his real name) has been picked up by the cops for drunk and disorderly after some of his usual chimeric shenanigans and now in jail and in danger of being hit hard by banality (even worse if he's sent for psyche eval and ends up institutionalized), and the PCs are the only ones who know about it. This has a lot of variables, including political outlooks and allegiances, the "Duke"'s reputation and rank, issues of personal ethics and honor, among others, which can impact what the PCs decide to do. (Even if he's your worst enemy, would you leave him to have his soul destroyed just for revenge or spite?)

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