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Question about Kithian relationships

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  • Question about Kithian relationships

    I don't understand Kithian reproduction. When they have children with a human, do they always end up as Kinain? Do some children who aren't Kinain have a dormant Fae nature that will one day begin a Chrysalis?

    What about Kithian relationships themselves? What if a Sidhe Princess had a secret rendezvous with a Redcap, is it even possible to have a mixed Kithian that way? A half Sidhe/Redcap? How does it work?
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    Not sure about the first question. As for the second question, the baby will either be a sidhe or a redcap (or neither). She won’t be mixed. I don’t think mixed kith changelings exist.

    Also, two Kithain can have sex without necessarily conceiving a child.

    In D&D, Fionnghuala is the goddess of Swan Maidens. Fionnghuala is also the Irish version of Penelope.


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      Alrighty so I'm not the biggest Changeling expert, but I like to think of myself as fairly well informed on the subject so lemme try to help.

      •Kithain/Human Reproduction
      -The child will not necessarily be a kinain. There is no way to guarantee that the child will be kithain, kinain, or simply human RAW. Glamour is not biological in nature and manifests according to the whims and ebb and flow of the Dreaming. On a personal note though, I usually homebrew that there's give-or-take a 60% chance of the child being kinain, just because I like having the kinain as an additional layer of court society.

      •Dormant Fae Nature
      -Yes, most certainly. There is really no way of telling where or how or in who a fae soul will embed itself and become dormant until awakening from its Chrysalis after the Dreaming reaches out to it, triggering the Dream Dance. While there seems to be a trend that fae will reincarnate in a general region where they last died, this is no hard and fast rule and the process of reincarnation is relatively random.

      •Kithain Relationships
      -Love & Romance & Passion are integral to fae life, regardless of kith and court. Yet there are certain trends. The main dividing lines will be Seelie-Unseelie as well as Noble-Commoners. As a general rule, changelings do not seek relationships outside their court and relationships outside of class age discouraged. However neither of these are hard and fast rules and have countless exceptions. Just look at the Satyr and Houses Fiona & Leanhaun.

      •Mixed Kithain Heritage Kinain
      -Like any child, the kinain might have features of both parents but as far as it's fae aspect goes, one parents heritage will be dominant. As a general rule of thumb I use the mother's nature as dominant, but do as thou wilt. The kinain will have one dominant kithain legacy and this will be what flavors the majority of their fae nature and where they gain their birthright from.

      Hope these were helpful!

      P.S. of all the relationships possible, Sidhe/Redcap may be the most unlikely but on the other hand the Dreaming is a sucker for star-crossed lovers and I'm a sucker for a good love story, so no reason why not.


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        Gryffon15 thank you 😊. I didn’t know all these details. This was very helpful.

        In D&D, Fionnghuala is the goddess of Swan Maidens. Fionnghuala is also the Irish version of Penelope.


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          No worries fam, glad to help out! : D
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            Wait, so when Fae die a Chimerical death, they go into a whole new body? Also what happens if they face a true death in Mortal form, lets say one night it got caught in the drive-by game Sabbat like to play at with eachother (shooting eachother with live ammunition as a laser tag game)- basically a "Banal" Death. Do they still reincarnate?


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              Ah, let me clarify:

              •Chimerical Death
              -When a fae dies a chemerical death but their human vessel lives, their vessel goes into The Mists where they lose memory of the fae aspect of their life. This lasts for a few days or until they are embued with any glamour and reawaken, whichever comes first, at which point their memories of glamour reassert themselves.

              •Mortal Death:
              -If the vessel of a changeling is truly killed (and not somehow revived, which is more possible then you might think), then they release a wave of banality (as all death does) and their fae soul departs into the Dreaming to recover. They will remain there for a year and a day before reincarnating into a new vessel and lying dormant until the chrysalis and dream dance.

              This part is headcanon, but I feel it's setting implied: I believe that changelings reincarnate within general proximity of where they last died. This is how you get kiths becoming associated with certain places and how one can track the trends of a kiths migration.

              Also, to complete the set, let's discuss this:
              •True Death
              -Cold Iron or the destruction of the fae soul in some other way. This is the worst fate imaginable for any changeling and it is the greatest terror in changeling society. This is the reason why cold iron is feared and loathed. Any changeling who is slain with cold iron is truly destroyed. Their fae soul is gone, torn from the Dreaming and rent to nothing. The whole Dreaming becomes colder with the loss of a part of itself and Winter draws closer. The mortal soul will be released to whatever destiny awaits it, but the fae soul is gone and will never appear again. For a race of practically immortal beings, this is true death and it is the herald of the true death of all dreams. Endless Winter.


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                There's also Banal death, which is the ultimate chimerical death. The changeling 'dies' and goes completely dormant within their mortal seeming and they become a normal human for all intents and purposes until their mortal death. Normally happens around 40 years of age, though some manage to hold on longer and some stay in freeholds to never grow up. As a side note, I don't remember if any book said if a 'dead' changeling can still suffer true death by cold iron.


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                  Remember, reincarnation is what the Remembrance Background handles. Depending on the scene, you can end up in deja vu moments, where your circumstances end up mirroring that of an ancestor. This could be anything from how to start a relic car with manual ignition, to facing down a gang of Redcaps, only for your past life as a Winged Hussar to kick in.

                  The other thing to remember about Courts and Legacies is that Legacies are, in a sense, stronger than Nature and Demeanor in other games. If you play a super-Seelie "love conquers all" type, you're going to want to be mindful it doesn't veer into Seelie Stupid with your character going "I treat her like a princess," locking her in a tower. :>


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                    The Larp allowed the buying of other Kith BRs and frailities as 5 point merits if I wanted to have a "hybrid" character that's how I'd do it. 5 points you can buy another birthright but you need some good justification(SHARK POOKA)