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Reworking Fae into a Modifier Realm.

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  • Reworking Fae into a Modifier Realm.

    Looking over the unofficial C5 draft, one notable proposed change was the removal of Fae as a Realm altogether. Although I understand "why" (Calling a spade a spade for Prop, whether real or Chimerical), outright removing it as a Realm feels unnecessary, and so I started brainstorming ideas to give it another niche besides "everything as long as you avoid the mortal world." This is more a fast and loose set of ideas of course, so let me know what you think.

    Reworking Fae: Fae is now a modifier Realm, like Scene or Time. Thus, adding Fae to a Realm adds +1 to a Cantrip's difficulty unless your character has it as a Realm Affinity. Relational roles for Changelings are rolled up into Actor, Chimerical Items/Treasures into Prop, Dreaming plants/weather into Nature, and Chimera/Spirits/Wraiths/other EDEs, based on what they represent. The benefits are generally considered cumulative: Fae 5 includes the benefits of Fae 1-4.

    Controlled Cantrip (*): Although most tales of magic gone out of control deal with Unleashing, many Arts have their own unintended consequences when they go horribly right, a lesson that many wielders of Hopscotch learn the hard way. Debates over whether Controlled Cantrips are Banal or not have been a topic of metaphysical contention, and will likely never be resolved. Arguments in favor of Controlled Cantrips argue that they do not deny magic, Trigger Banality, and that understanding restraint is both a protective factor against Bedlam and crucial to learning more advanced manipulation of Cantrips. Arguments against Controlled Cantrips argue that attempting to "limit" the effects of Glamour are a stepping stone to Black Magic or wishing to "deny" Glamour outright, and every respectable Unseelie knows that Glamour is Free; the fact that it is harder to cast a Cantrip with less than its full potential is all the proof that opponents against Controlled Cantrips need.

    Regardless of ideology, a Changeling opting to use Controlled Cantrip can choose the "maximum" number of successes for a Cantrip. Thus, a Changeling with Wayfare 2 and Actor 2 could choose a maximum of 1-3 successes, with excess successes being discarded.
    Quixotic Dilemma (**): Some potential targets seem to defy clean categorization. Prodigals tend to be the main example of this, but this day and age continues to showcase examples of increasingly sophisticated AI, gene-editing, and other fields of research blur the lines between man, animal, vegetable, or mineral. For such dilemmas where the "best fit" Realm is not clear-cut, Quixotic Dilemma "resolves" the issue by treating a specific aspect of the target as its main aspect. (EDIT: Optionally, this is the "first" Realm needed in order to target "magic" effects, such as Cantrips, Sphere Magic, or Gifts. In this case, Quixotic Dilemma requires the Realms "most like" what the magic effect would target. For example, manipulating an active instance of the Control Simple Machine Gift would require Prop 3: Mechanical Device and Fae 2: Quixotic Dilemma.)
    Subtle Contagion (***): Normally when a Cantrip is declared, the "target" must be exactly defined. This can be problematic in the heat of combat, where circumstances change fast. Subtle Contagion lets one replace a "exact" Realm target with a "relational" target, provided that the target is "known" at the time the Cantrip is cast.
    Subtle Contagion uses Realms as "qualifiers" to determine the "relationship" of the target. For example, "target the nearest enemy" uses the Actor Realm as the main realm, but Scene as the "qualifier realm". "Target the next person hit with this sword" would use Actor, but Prop as a Qualifier Realm. A "relation" may only be "one degree of separation" away from its target: You could target the last person that spoke to Kevin Bacon (provided that person is "known" at the time), but not the mother of the last person that spoke to Kevin Bacon, so to speak.
    A special note: By combining Subtle Contagion with Time 3: Cause and Effect, the "trigger" of the delayed Cantrip may become "immediately known" by the Cantrip cast with Subtle Contagion. Thus, Time 3 and Fae 3 can be used to create "wards" or watcher effects, or to even create "scrolls" or other temporary effects.
    Associative Art (****): Associative Art is considered an important level of Fae for any Changeling with dreams of entering the Crystal Circle. A Changeling that opts to use Associative Art does not perform a Bunk, but may instead immediately claim the difficulty reduction of the most recent Bunk used during that turn; this reduction bonus is reduced by one for each subsequent uses of Associative Art by fellow Changelings.
    High Ritual (*****): High Ritual allows the Changeling to perform the Cantrip as an Extended Action, with each roll beyond the first costing an extra point of Glamour and Willpower. Arts which already use Extended Rolls (e.x. Naming 5 and Infusion 5) require this Realm.

    Let me know your thoughts or if you have any other questions.
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