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[Storytellers Vault] Kithbook Strega is now live.

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  • [Storytellers Vault] Kithbook Strega is now live.

    I know I haven't been posting the previews over here, but 45 pages of witchy-owly goodness is finished and posted to the Storytellers Vault.

    The Hidden Keepers of the Deep Wood
    No fairy tale is complete without a witch making an appearance, and so out of the ancient Mediterranean come the Strega. Owl-like witches and warlocks who claim kinship with fabled Lilith, they have spread across the globe to claim and protect the hollows of the mystical Dark Wood that are their birthright. Their occult expertise and inborn ability to curse the unwary is sought by those brave enough to journey to their lairs at the edges of kithain society.

    After years of hiding in the shadows, the Strega are ready to divulge their secrets to you. Assuming you are prepared to pay the price for such dark and haunted knowledge.

    Kithbook: Strega features:
    • The secret history of the Strega detailing their cyclical rise and fall over centuries.
    • Advice and Insight into how the Strega organize themselves, and their deeply held beliefs and practices.
    • Four player character archetypes ready for play, and a handful of notable Strega from across history.
    • New Merits, Flaws, Treasures, and Chimera for Strega characters.

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    Cool! I look forward to reading this.

    “Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.”
    Jasper Fforde, The Big Over Easy


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      The great guys from Walking Away from Arcadia did an interview with me about the book. Man do I need to work on my extemporaneous speaking skills.



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        In a blatant copy Of Charlie Cantrell, Kithbook Strega is also Pay What you Want on the vault.