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How do Mundane Items with Chimerical Overlays work?

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  • How do Mundane Items with Chimerical Overlays work?

    This is something which I feel is fuzzier in the core ruleset as a whole. A Treasure exists as both a mundane and a Chimerical item, but has an Art built into it.
    A Chimerical item can either exist "unanchored" or inlaid into a mortal item. Presumably, this allows the item to "function safer" in the presence of mortals, but where do you draw the line on such an item?

    To steal an example from John Wick, let us suppose a Changeling decides to build a chimerical dagger into the seeming of a pencil. Would this translate to a pencil that would be viable for stabbing unenchanted mortals, or would it still be "just a pencil" unless a target gets enchanted first?

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    It could be a knife if wyrd, and as of C20 you could use it for cutting up unenchanted steak, but it wouldn't work for doing damage as a knife to unenchanted mortals/prodigals without being wyrd.


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      My ruling would be that it's just a pencil to humans, so it only does damage based on that form. But any fae being stabbed with it would clutch their wound melodramatically and fall to the floor as if grievously wounded.


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        Ada said what I feel as well, the real version of the object is what it would be for mortals while chemerical is what will interact with the changeling miens.

        Also I do quite like the idea of a mortal watching two changeling tweens duel with ruler "swords" and chuckling as they see one poke the ruler under the other's armpit causing them to dramatically fall over and 'die' while the other recites Shakespeare beside them.

        Meanwhile the changelings were having a fierce duel between two Battle brothers over the fate of the Golden Lion's Freehold and the ascendancy of Lady Glariachydys.

        The Mists are one helluva drug.


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          C20 did away with the more oppressive depiction of "concensus" banality. You can't cut unenchanted mortals with that dagger, but you could still use it on mundane items if an area's rating is average to low and no one can see you. Unenchanted mortals with low banality can sometimes perceive chimerical reality for a second as a corner-of-your-eye, a faint sound under everyday noise, a strange texture brushing their skin or an unexplained scent.
          Getting stabbed by a pencil would focus your attention on that and dispel chimerical reality.