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Chimerical Reality Experiment: The Boulder Trap

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  • Chimerical Reality Experiment: The Boulder Trap

    This is a thought experiment I dreamt up, as a way to explain a trope of a certain type of movie, ahem.

    Chimera and chimerical objects interact with the mortal world so long as there are no unenchanted witnesses, as per page 55 of the C20 core. This allows Chimera to open doors, steal papers, etc. It also allows flying cars, as long as no unenchanted mortals see it, after which Banality kicks in and shunts the offending Chimera/Changelings involved into the Dreaming.

    Suppose an intrepid Changeling character tries to exploit this and build a boulder trap ala Indiana Jones, with a real boulder but with a chimerical wall as a stopper.

    When a mortal or other unenchanted walks in and realizes there is nothing stopping the boulder from immediately rolling downwards, what next?
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    The boulder gets shunted off into the Dreaming preferably above the changeling who did this while there.


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      I would say that as the changeling get's shunted to the Dreaming there are two main ways you can rule this.

      Either the mortal is protected by the Dreaming as the boulder appears to be stuck by some other obstacle which gives the mortal time to get out of the way, achieving both the stopper's role while also avoiding human death. (Kithain option)

      The chimerical stopper vanished under the sight of the mortal and the boulder falls down to crush them. The changeling is thrown into the Dreaming with a blast of banality caused from the death they cause and the chimerical essence around the death become tainted with Nightmare and Dark Glamour. (Thallain option)


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        IIRC, only Changelings and Dreamers cause a Banality Trigger on-death, and Miser Thallain ignore that if it's to protect their lair?

        Gryffon's question is what brings up a second point of contention:

        Suppose the Changeling had left the building, and was at some other event, doing something completely mortal and uneventful? Does the Banality from disbelieving that nothing was holding the boulder up travel beyond the room in question, to the Chamber of Commerce dinner reception the Changeling is at?

        And suppose instead of a boulder, the trap was non-lethal, like a net trap or some other means to capture an intruder.


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          re: death: that may be the case if I'm misremembering yet I'm fairly certain that all true death to mortals unleashes banality.

          I would say that if a changeling is responsible for it then yes it will backlash to them. If they are in a situation where physical disappearance is impossible I would rule that the mien is shunted to the Dreaming to suffer the consequences of whatever they did while their mortal self remains, although now thoroughly wrapped in the Mists until their chimerical self returns.

          In such cases I'd generally go that once the chimera is no longer effective, the world will contrive itself to protect the mortal in similar ways as to how the chimerical object did, with any Wyrd expenditures being taxed from the inciting changeling's glamour pool by the Dreaming.


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            I’m not the biggest fan of chimera basically being in the world as a physical object unless someone sees them. I really feel it worked better before where some chimera could use redes to work real world effects.

            I mean what is stopping a Changeling from wrangling up an army of Chimera to dig out and build an elaborate city underground? They do crap like that all the time in the Dreaming. Or what about dragons carving historical litanies on a canyon wall or giants dipping their hands in paint and painting impossible murals on the sides of buildings at night?

            It worked simpler and more elegantly before.

            I mean now what if you have an enchanted or dreamer child they could essentially act like a psychic if they coordinated with chimera... I mean already had many plans for characters that did this but now it just seems almost unavoidable.

            It is a time for great deeds!