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    Originally posted by PookaKnight View Post
    There's an extremely in-depth review of Kiths of Arcadia over at
    Here is another review, of sorts, by a friend of mine:


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      In honor of Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition being free today, Kiths of Arcadia is pay what you want! I hope that all the new comers to C20 enjoy Kiths of Arcadia as a companion piece for the game!

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        Ohh this was so good, I finally got it recently and it is just pure condensed gold. So how do the Tritons not suffer manual dexterity issues with claws for hands? Maybe only one Hand is a claw? Or is it a banality effect if they do something that needs fingers, so use their hands to fire a gun would trigger it, but holding a trident wouldn't? Or they just don't have an issue?

        And oh I didn't know I would love the Army Ants so much! I can totally see multiple subkiths like Wasps and Beehive Legions. And thallain Centipede and Fly colonies/Hollowmen.

        It is a time for great deeds!


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          Oh definitely! Something that I did when I was planning out how to add the Arcadian Kiths to my chronicle was what the thallain equivalents to the various Kiths might be.

          I by no means will say that they are equal to the creativity and work put into the original kiths, but it was just something that came to me and felt fitting for designing the setting of some of my own games.