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How to pass for someone else in C20

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  • How to pass for someone else in C20

    As I read it, Chicanery 1 now only lets you pass for someone you already look similar to. I'm thinking ahead and there's a point where my male changeling with Dex 4 to could really benefit by passing for someone whose description includes 'fat' and 'woman'* - I have a modest amount of Metamorphosis and Chicanery 5 and would be interested to know what people thought my options were. Can I use Chicanery 5 to trap someone in a fake reality where I'm her and everything else is as normal? If not, would Metamorphosis 1 be enough to change my appearance to be able to use Chicanery 1 for this purpose?

    If there's ideas with other arts please do discuss them. This isn't just for my benefit.

    *Also 'can totally kill you' but Chicanery is about appearances so I left that out.