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    I like tweaking game systems and rules. Some of this is for the hobby of it, some of it is looking for elegant solutions for rules that "don't work," or just expansions on other systems. In that regard, I have several tweaks/rulings I've drafted up, several which have appeared on this forum including the following:

    -Making Fae into a Modifier Realm.
    -Expanded mechanics for Unleashing
    -Chimerical Alchemy
    -Tweaking the mechanics for obtaining Glamour from a Freehold.
    -Assorted tweaks/modifiers to certain Kith for "internal balance/quantifying" flaws.
    -Defining certain Arts as "Noble" and capping their usage by Title, or reworking a few other Arts accordingly.
    -Optionally, making the "base difficulty" of a Cantrip equal to the ("5 + the Art Level") before accounting for modifiers. This one would bear testing of course!

    I can expand on a few of these according to interest.

    What sort of homebrew have you done? Are you working on anything and are looking for feedback? Or do you simply want to recount how a certain homebrew/houserule fared in-game?

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    I’m working on tweaking rules for unleashing specifically ensemble unleashing a group forms a phrase or command where they each unleash for one word in the phrase. As the mightiest for of Fae Magic. Also tweaking on maybe greater Arts. And more Splinters for the inanimae and generally redoing the inanimae in general.

    But I’m still reading the players guide.

    It is a time for great deeds!