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Can Thallain have Children?

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  • Can Thallain have Children?

    I mean it never says their sterile. I can only imagine the Childhood of a Thallain Kinain.

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    Given the knowledge we have, I have little doubt that the Thallain likely could sire and bare children and that there is every possibility that one of those children might become kinain from a burst of Dark Glamour but also as you said I would have extreme sympathy for such children as their lives were likely doomed from chapter 1.


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      Absolutely. And just because they are monsters, does not mean they don't care for their children. The Addams family were a loving family, but were also grave robbers, cannibals and torturers. Of course, there would also be families straight out of a nightmare.

      As a general rule, I would treat Thallain families as clannish, with changeling and kinain as the favored members. Mortal kinfolk of these families would likely be the whipping boys and punching bags of the family, though they might love "mummy" with fanatical devotion. In my home campaign, Thallain and Kithain families often overlap, with Thallain being born from Kithain families and vice-versa. This makes for many interesting origin stories and familial complications.
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