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    For use with the Nocker Birthright, I have made the following simple system. Though I applaud creative players efforts, sometimes its good to have a fall back system so as not to bog down gameplay.

    For the making of those temporary and temperamental Nocker gadgets, I prefer that the player come up with ideas first and leave a hard system for more permanent chimerical gadgets and crafter treasures. Typically, Nocker gadgeteering will require suitable materials and an “80’s style montage as the chimerical device is constructed. However, for simplicities sake, and to rein in frustrating players, I use the following rough system.
    System: The “Make It Work” roll of Intelligence + Crafts roll is as written, however a difficulty of 6 is standard, only rising if supplies are limited. Glamour cost is one, but additional points may be spent for automatic successes. For every success, the crafting Nocker gets 3 chimera points for the purchase of Redes, that are then attached to the item. When used by the Nocker, these Redes function as written, using the Nockers Glamour, Willpower or Attribute + Ability rolls accordingly.
    These items suffer from the Nocker frailty “Perfect is the Enemy of Done”, potentially flying apart during times of stress (see p, 95 for details).

    Below are some fairly common Nocker gadgets. These items can me combined into increasingly elaborate devices.

    Trash Armor (1pt per die or armor)
    Rede: Armor (see p, 321)
    Made from garbage cans, cut up tires, tin foil and cardboard, this armor can be surprisingly useful in a pinch. Additional gadgets and weaponry are commonly added, but the whole thing will blow when the Nocker frailty kicks in.

    Weaponry (2 pts per +1 damage)
    Rede: Weaponry (see p, 323)
    This is a melee weapon of the characters design. It can be any of the standard weapons found on page 286. Additional redes such as aggravated damage are fairly common, but should have a Nocker twist.
    Chimera Point Cost: The Chimera inflicts +1 damage for every two chimera points spent.

    Web Thrower (2pts)
    Rede: Entangle (see p, 321)
    This ranged weapon squirts a sticky, spider web like gunk all over opponents on a successful ranged attack (diff 6). The webbing has Strength 2 and two points of armor for every three points of permanent Glamour possessed by the user.

    Flight Pack (3pts)
    Rede: Flight (see p, 322)
    From mini airships, and helicopters to rocket packs made with a leaf blower or fire extinguisher. With this gadget the Nocker can fly at a rate of 25 feet per turn per point of the Nockers Dexterity.
    Use of this item costs Cost: 1 Glamour point per hour of prolonged flight or 2 Glamour points for an action scene.

    Doldrum Meter (2pts)
    Rede: Sense Banality (see p, 322)
    This gadget resembles the PKE meter in Ghostbusters, but instead of ghosts it detects Banality!
    With this device, the Nocker can detect the amount of Banality is in a person, place or thing. Use of this gadget costs 1 Willpower point per scene.

    Flash Blaster (3pts)
    Rede: Befuddle (see p, 321)
    This minor gadget looks like a light bulp mounted on a water pistol. It gives off a sudden and painful flash of light, blinding a target. The target is blinded for 5 turns, but this effect can be soaked with a Dexterity + Dodge roll (difficulty 8) to avoid the flash. Use of this attack costs 1 Glamour point.

    Scattergun (3pts per dice of chimerical damage)
    Rede: Breath (see p, 167, Changeling Players Guide)
    This trumpet like gun sprays out a cone shaped chimerical-ranged attack. Use of this weapon costs 1 point of glamour.

    Below is a device that one of my players created for his Nocker character.

    TINKS JAVAMAN ARMOR (15pts or 5 successes)
    One of the many beverage-based devices of the infamous Mr. Tink. This suit of robotic armor started out as a state-of-the-art Espresso machine, but things got out of hand. The Javaman is a hissing mechanical monster that moves more like a forklift than a mecha. Mr. Tink used this armor to great effect against the Bumble horde raiding the outskirts of the Duchy of White Trillium.
    Armor 5 (Armor, 5 pts)
    Claws that dealt Str +2 damage (Weapon, 4pts)
    Boiling coffee steam blast (Breath Weapon, 6 pts) 2 dice of damage.
    Notes: The Javaman’s main flaw was that it was HOT! And it caused all kinds of trouble. In stressful situations I would rule problems arising from this rather that it breaking down. Like causing the Nocker pilot to be overcome by the heat or it damaging the terrain and similar. The Javaman needed to be rebuilt often, usually at very bad times, but quick thinking and a maniacal player saved the day.
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    I had actually homebrewed something similar in the past (using Redes to represent gadget powers), but the implementation was somewhat more elaborate. I used Arcanum's steampunk robotics as a point of reference for this:

    1) A Nocker device made with Make It Work is called a Gizmo. A Gizmo will work "as intended" in the Near Dreaming without any complications beyond the Nocker Frailty.
    2) You can spend one to three Glamour, to determine if the Gizmo is worth the equivalent of 1 to 3 background points, respectively.
    3) The difficulty to craft a Gizmo is 6+the Glamour Cost. This may be an extended roll, with a downtime of 5/10/15 minutes per roll. Each success grants you four Chimera points to spend on allocating to the Gizmo.A Gizmo is worth a max of 20/25/30 chimera points depending on the Glamour invested. Any points beyond the initial maximum are wasted.
    6) The item may have 0 in attributes. However, any Abilities rolled by a wielded Chimerical Item are the "lesser" of the ability scores between it, and its wielder. A Nocker may not give a Chimerical Item any Skill or Knowledge greater than its own.
    7) An Gizmo "may" have attributes if the Nocker wishes to implement a vehicle autopilot, smart turrets, or other "independent"/IOT inventions. A Gizmo with 0 attributes can only be wielded.
    8) Spend Chimera Points on Glamour! Once it's built, the Glamour in the Gizmo is the Glamour that it has. Each Scene in which the Gizmo uses its power, it must subtract 1 Glamour. When it runs out, the Gizmo is inert, but its mundane parts may be kept for future projects.
    9) Every 1 rolled when a Gizmo is used subtracts 1 Chimerical Health. Should the Gizmo reaches 0 health before it runs out of Glamour, the Gizmo fails catastrophically.