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  • Whats the difference?

    I'm really getting into Changeling: The Dreaming lately. Though I'm confused about The Dreaming and High Umbra. Now, I'm well versed in the metaphysics itself, so no need to explain that part. The confusion stems from whats really the difference between the High Umbra(Astral Realm) and the Dreaming? Both spawn beings from thought in its near trapping. Its mid point areas both contain various concepts based on thought (or dreams in the concourse of C:TD) and the deepest parts of these realities operate similarly too. So whats the difference?

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    The High Umbra is composed of spirit stuff, the Dreaming is composed of glamour.

    Also, I think it would be more fair to say that the Dreaming is composed of thoughts and feelings and the unconscious, rather than spawned from it.

    You're right that they're very similar in many ways, but I think those get at the main differences.


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      Like Zenten said, the two realms are certainly tied in a number of strong ways but it ultimately comes to a somewhat subjective or nuanced line of division.

      The High Umbra is a purely ethereal realm of abstraction, perception, and mental constructs born from the highest realms of reason and consciousness. The Dreaming is a purely inspiring realm of passion, dream, narrative, and human belief & feeling.

      The two realms certainly have a great deal in common but I'd argue that they do have some important distinctions. The High Umbra is decidedly a realm of mental construction while the Dreaming is a realm of emotional construction.

      In the High Umbra you can debate with colors, explore a landscape of mathematics, and watch pantheons of ancient divinity wage an eternal play of concepts and ideals against one and other.

      In the Dreaming you can explore vast realms sprung wholecloth from fable and fantasy, dance with personified expressions of revelry, and gaze up in wonder as deities rage in the never-ending narratives of all-too-human passionplays cast upon the highest of levels.

      It's the divide between reason and passion at the end of the day I suppose. The High Umbra cares only that it contains all reflections and permutations of consciousness. The Dreaming cares only for the narratives inherent to the human perception and the stories we all tell ourselves.

      Hope this wasn't too flowery and helped out!