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  • C20 and older editions

    Hey there,

    So I'm just getting into Changeling the Dreaming, and I was wondering, if the 2end or even the 1st ed. core books contain any interesting points, ideas, concepts that are not in C20.
    Or in other words, after reading C20, having never read 1st or 2end ed., is it worth reading the old core books and mining them for interesting tidbits, or am I fine wit C20 core.
    Thanks in advance

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    I don't think there's very much in the older core books that doesn't end up repeated in C20 (sometimes with some pretty significant revisions). I think you'd get more value from supplements that fill out aspects of the setting that strike your fancy.

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      C20 is exhaustive. Mostly, the older books are useful for detailed setting info, but even that is 20 years out of date.


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        I'd have a preference for completesness through the current edition first but I don't know if there's more stuff coming or not.