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Unleashing and Scale

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  • Unleashing and Scale

    Is there any limitation on the scale of unleashings I'm not seeing? As written a changeling childer whose day went really wrong with Chicanery 1 might in a moment of panic go “make the world forget this day” and there is a decent chance of just that happening.

    Or another changeling with autumn 1 in a moment of great despair unleashes and goes “may all humans crumble to dust”, or with metamorphosis 1 “may all humans become the snakes they are” and again, decent chance of that happening.

    And while things like that are very fey, that level of power is also on a completely different scale from anything else in the game.

    So is there anything other then “be sensible about unleashing” that reigns in the power level of unleashing that I'm not seeing?