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Playing a Lycian as a full-fledged Player Character

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  • Playing a Lycian as a full-fledged Player Character

    In a server game I'm in, Lycians are permitted, and I am interested in giving one a test run.
    However, many of the ideas appear to be more suitable as NPC/quest encounters rather than full-fledged PCs.
    The game is set in Vegas, and I was considering a "City Father" archetype of a sort. A Quixotic Chimera that appears as a mobster in a suit, whose guise is "The City of Sin" meaning items that symbolize Vegas itself (I am considering the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign"), who would act as a sort of tour guide/proprietor of the spirit of sin and revelry.
    Alternately, an abandoned animatronic.

    Has anyone here had any success or advice on how to play as a Lycian, especially if integrated into a cross-splat game?

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    I want to try something like that, or have them open as Characters for players that can't make it every game. They seem to be a replacement for the Inanimae till we get rules for them.

    But a thread I will eventually start if no one beats me to it is one dedicated to coming up with different redes. We need to expand their Repertoire both for PCs and NPCs. I want to have Godlike Chimerical Dragons and Quixotic Chimera with connections to the Parthenon or Pokémon Go making a Psychic Mewtwo demigod when it first was introduced.

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      I've tinkered with it, but have not had the chance to play a Lycian yet. Personally I would love to play one. Pondering a Lycian called the "Sock Scarfer," embodiment of the idea that socks magically disappear. "He" appears as a roughly humanoid creature made of discarded socks.

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