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    If I'm using scene and dragons ire to harden a group against injury and the group consists of commoners and nobles do I have to use the cantrip twice to affect both? Or does one use of fae cover both?

    If I am using scene and fae for holly strike, can I hit the nobles and not commoners. Is the answer more a function of scene than fae?

    Off the subject: if a pc has 10 glamour and rolls five successes for the final epiphany roll using his musing threshold.... Can he have 11 glamour or is 10 the max?
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    first example: Cast only once. The higher the realm, the more people it can affect. If its high enough to affect nobles, it will affect all commoners the players wishes too.

    Second example: Scene is about the potential, if you have high enough scene, you could target everyone with the strike. But of course you don't need to. You can just choose which targets you want to strike. The same for dragon's ire.

    And ten in max glamour. Some glamour will simply be left unharvested, or in the case of a epiphany, it will probably bleed out of him in excess, and probably others will be able to harvest it before it disappears. At least that's my knowledge, Im not a specialist.