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  • "Distance" Realm

    Has anyone toyed with the idea of adding a Realm covering extended range for Cantrip targets? Something like using Arcane Connections like in Ars Magica or the Correspondence Sphere of Mage, to affect targets outside immediate perception.

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    While it's possible, I personally think that adding any Realms risks disturbing the balance of the art mechanics and that the Setting Realm may be better suited to what you want to do with a few tweaks or additions.


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      Remember, you never need a Realm: if you don't have sufficient dots in it, you just pay Glamour to make up the difference. So adding a Connection-like Realm would grant everyone the ability to do the Voodoo Doll thing.


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        Thinking about these considerations, I kinda agree! How would you add to the Scene Realm to allow far targeting?


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          The Countless Dreams book rejiggers the realms as Theories and the Space theory covers distance and volume.

          It is a time for great deeds!


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            O personally use true names as a way to cast a art on someone no matter where the people is.

            I think special bunks are more fitting for this too. Like making a entire festival, ritual or using a very specific event, like a eclipse, or the first kiss of true love as a really powerful bunk that can target someone of something across very far distances.

            This way it requires a lot more of roleplaying. Simply having some dots on a realm and then casting a long distance cantrip is kinda too gamey. Remember, Even the common realms have roleplaying in it. For low level you need to know the person name, etc.

            I could see some sense if it was a "places" realm. and with similar considerations. On low dots you had to have lived in the place before, with more dots, you at least needed to have visited the place once, etc.


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              I agree, thanks a lot for these feedbacks! Rucun, your suggestion about True Names makes a lot of sense!