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Arts and Realms - Range and limitations

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  • Arts and Realms - Range and limitations

    I really can’t find anywhere how far can you affect with any given cantrip.
    Take for example Wayfare 1. Can I just send in the air a target from the other side of Central Park? Or use dictum with a human I know from the other side of the city?

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    It's a case by case thing.

    Soothsay probably don't need the person near, distance don't matter even at the other side of the world, even if the target is in the dreaming.
    For wayfare, I'd say as long as you can see the person with your own eyes in a direct line you can use it. So you can use a binoculars, but I wouldn't think seeing a video feed of the person in another house would work.

    There is a mirror treasure (lvl5) that allows to see people anywhere in the world, and use arts against them. I think it's a Eiluned treasure. So given such effect is a level 5 treasure, probably distance and seeing the person plays a a important role in casting cantrips.