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What could be a good kith for a changeling addicted to gambling?

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  • What could be a good kith for a changeling addicted to gambling?

    This will be basically a NPC on my chronicle. It's a changeling addicted to gambling ( it doens't even need to be related to glamour harvesting) than loves the thrill of the risk and reward. He basically gambles at everything, make new games, and if he can't gamble he turn social interactions into a gamble with himself. Like "I bet I can make this person scream with me in less than 3 minutes."

    He will be present at a high stakes poker game that happens every year in las vegas with other supernaturals ( a revenant, hedge sorcerer, corrupt garou and a spectre possessing a mortal body) They bet "wishes". The loser has to make the wishes of the winner come true to the best of their abilities. Sometimes they wish for information, or aid, or something more dangerous.

    This changeling obviously walk a dark path, and is at best a chaotic wild card if not considered outright evil.

    At first I thought about him being a pooka, but now Im not so sure. What could be a interesting kith for this changeling to be?

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    A Sidhe for maximum horrific bet options...


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      Originally posted by Lian View Post
      A Sidhe for maximum horrific bet options...

      but which house?


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        Satyr would be interesting. Not sure which house. Fiona maybe?

        A rabbit Pooka who claims his feet are lucky.

        Also maybe a Nocker from House Aesin, which would essentially be a dwarf.

        And then there's the possibility of an Inanimae who literally is the dice he carries around with him.
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          Is there such thing as Houseless Sidhe?

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            Clurichaun seems the obvious choice...though perhaps a little too stereotyped.


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              Originally posted by Shakanaka View Post
              Is there such thing as Houseless Sidhe?

              Arcadian Sidhe would likely all have Houses, Autumn Sidhe may well not though they'll be less respected.


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                Originally posted by Rucun View Post

                but which house?

                Eiluned- because they are master manipulators and what better than to use mortals as a game?

                Ailil-because they are master manipulators who are totally better than their sister house....

                Varich-They are cold heartless chessmasters!

                Balor-You can't tell me what to do... and I'm more likely ot have bad guy friends.

                Gwydion-Know your place Peasant!

                Beaumayne-I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!

                Fiona-What is gambling but the lack of Fear?