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What if a inanimae becomes part of a kami?

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  • What if a inanimae becomes part of a kami?

    Let's say there is this inanimae called Bob, who is a Glome, his anchor is in this mountain. One day Gaia decided to turn the entire mountain into a kami, and Bob is in it. What happens to him?

    I'm just wondering about such a possibility now, and it looks like an interesting hook for a unique NPC or a chronicle. I'm interested to see what you can suggest about the idea, but I do have some of my own that I will be throwing around, from most possible to just "cool but wouldn't happen".

    The tame answer

    - The Inanimae now lives IN the kami, nothing too complex, maybe he has to account for the kami will now, but the kami accepts him, after all he was there since always, it's almost part o fim. Both may help each other, or just ignore each other.

    The symbiosis possibilities

    - They develop a symbiosis relationship of some kind, maybe something very simple, like the kami being able to harvest glamour and send to the glome, or the glome being able to harvest gnosis and send to the kami.

    - Deeper symbiosis, the two may share some power, the inanimae may create a husk for the kami to walk around, the glome can now peek through the umbra, the inanimae may burrow kami powers while in the mountain, the kami may burrow arts if the inanimae is not outside in a husk, etc.

    - Both beings become one, new creature. Something neither garou or changelings really understand, that might even be worshipped as some kind of totem by one group or another. All they know is that “this place lives” but it’s neither a inanimae or a kami, something deeper, the entire mountain can shift and become dreamlike suddenly without regards to banality. In the umbra the entire place is a totally different realm.

    One side takes it all

    - The inanimae is absorbed into the kami and slumber forever. The kami now have some unique chimerical powers as a result of this, but may not fully understand it.

    - The inanimae is uplifted when the entire mountain becomes a kami, instead a new mind being born, it was the glome mind who took control of the region. The glome anchor now becomes the entire mountain, he is still an inanimae, but now has access to some kami powers. The inanimae reach a higher state, similar to a siochain.
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    The glome inhabits a distinct part of the mountain that Gaia doesn't touch. Said glome is unchanged, but has a new neighbor.


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      Being that you can't be a Kami+ any other supernatural I wouldn't say inanimae get a special dispensation where they can be a hybrid/symbosis. That being said I am not sure Gaian awakening would in fact effect the Dreaming all that much so they would be two distinctly different ways for people to engage the same mountain those closer to one aspect being more likely to engage with that aspect though its likely the Kami would be a boon in protecting against banality.


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        I think Gaia would respect the Elementals to much for that to happen, and I do see the Elementals being allies of the wyrd and gaia