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    The only Changeling webcomic I'm aware of is Chrysalys.

    So what comic are you talking about?


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      They're probably talking about Black City Birds, since it's set in Vancouver:

      It's also a fan comic and not an official publication from Onyx Path or White Wolf (albeit one I enjoy greatly), so I'm not sure why it would affect any potential pitches or submissions.

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        The setting section has quite a lot of information about the world, including some new stuff.

        But honestly, I couldn't get Newfoundland in the book as one of the writers.
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          Well will the Dutchy just cover the Sunshine Coast or all of B.C., also in the Changeling 20 is the Vancouver Cassio still around and the sleeping monster still in Victoria, The Dutchy is story of Two noble Street Knights one from Unicorn house and one from House Falcon, both of them were as good as Sir Cronos,