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Split Concordia! an idea for a Campaign.

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  • Split Concordia! an idea for a Campaign.

    This idea, which I intend to develop here, perhaps with others offering ideas, involves a group of powerful Faerie Magicians allied with Kinaine Mages splitting Concordia. in two. Basically certain supernaturals could get to one version of the USA and others could go to another. The idea takes off from the Féth fíada, the veil between the two halves of Ireland. The Two sides of the USA (but not other sections of Concordia of the WoD ) would act as if the other side wasn't there. People from outside America would become aware of the split, much to the bitter disgust of the Technocracy and the Elder Vampires.

    As to who would land where..

    Vampires, Cathays, Cainites, ghouls, ect.. America A

    Werewolves and Fera Fianna, Children of Gaia, Gurahl (werebears) America B, all others America A, although Silent Striders, Nuwhisha, and Corax, could move freely back and forth.

    Wraiths Outside the system. They can see both sides. The Risen seem to be able to choose which side they want.

    Mages. Trads America B, Everyone else except Kinaine Orphans, America A.

    Changelings Sidhe, Commoner Nobles, Gallain allied to the Nobility, and Gallain allied to the Shadow Court Americ A, all others America B.

    Hunters America A

    Demons America A

    Mummies Mainly America A, some land in B.

    More as I dream it up.
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    Covering each major type of Monster with a more detailed post.

    Cainite Vampires are simply in horror. Something big and supernatural has happened and they can't alter or change it. Ravnos Vampires can perceive the power that has altered the USA, but they can't understand the Dreaming, they just have some powers related to the Dreaming. Even the Sabbat Vampires are scared that the Masquerade will come down to quickly. The simple fact that their are two USAs now, and it's hard for people to get from one to the other, is slowly grinding many ancient Jihadist plans to dust.

    Cathayan Vampires as they come to realize the split are less terrified but they are annoyed. The America they can get to seems to be gaining a higher Wall and its Dragon Nests seem to be moving off to the Other America. Thus not only is there an America the Cathayans can't get at to punish/control, the one they can get to is becoming the kind of place they can't survive in very well.

    On the whole the Elder Vampires outside of the USA are looking for someone to blame and some way to maintain the Masquerade. They will try any blackmail or threat they can think of to protect their vast unlives. Thus the Vampires are a greater danger to Changelings than ever before. The Elder Vampires need someone to go to America B and bring back useful information. They'll do anything at all, no matter how brutal to enforce their wills.

    Vampires in America A are mainly keeping their heads down and trying to retain the Masquerade. So far no one's looking for them. However the Technocracy is going to be trying to find someone to blame, soon.

    Note: Most Vampires are highly Banal, even Malkavians and Ravnos. But a small number of Vampires who've achieved Gloconda, or are very near it, can reach America B. If they can get there, these low Banality Vamps would find they like it and that they can maintain Gloconda very easily there. If other Vampires got to America B, they'd simply find themselves back in America A with a lot of their memories gone.
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      The Werewolves and the Fera are in shock and rage. Two Werewolf Tribes are missing from the USA and just about every major caern in the USA is seriously weakened! The Werebears have announced they're willing to form Beastcourts for now, mixing the precedents of the Asian Beast Courts with democracy. Both the Fianna and the Children of Gaia have agreed. The other Werewolves seen this as an emergency measure that they must tolerate. The Uktena were the first to discover that the Werewolves and Fera still stepped-sideways into the same Umbra, the ban seemed to affect only which USA one could step out into.

      The Other Fera are working with the Garou for now. The Silent Striders, Nuwhisa, and Corax, upon realizing they could freely move between Americas, shared this discovery. The Nuwhisa resisted telling, but the Corax made then fess up. All three groups are now in the America B Beast courts.

      Note: The Werefox that lives in Ashland North Carolina (he's in one of the books) has also joined the Beast Court, and can move freely between the two Americas.


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        Wraiths are in the Shadowlands, they can see both sides of the split. If a wraith's anchor is enhanced (storyteller option) by being in one or the other America, then that Wraith might lose the ability to see the America they've a weaker connection to. Specters et al can't percieve America B. Risen can choose to raise in either America. However, the Risen's shadow probably has something to say about where they land and would have little or no reason to choose America B.
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          As a Trad Mages worked with the Changeling Magicians to create the split the Trad Mages and Kinane Orphans are in America B. Everyone else is in America A. Paradox is weaker in America B. (Add or subtract one success in the Mage's favor when rolling for paradox). The opposite conditions are the norm in America A. (Just reverse the idea add or subtract one success in paradox's favor against the mage when rolling for paradox) Similarly the limits of "Coincidental" magic are looser in America B and tighter in America A. Even the Technocracy feels the bite.

          The disparates are largely seeking to leave the USA and find a way to America B, there are exceptions. The Technocracy is furious. The whole world is aware of a supernatural occurrence and they, the Technocracy can't do anything about it.

          Meanwhile the Trads are working behind the scenes to make life in America B better. They are also looking for Unawakened people who might be Mage material pretty freely (mortals don't notice but the Technocracy would have) and finding ways to slip the Technocracy information, available to them because the Nephandi aren't around in America B, on the Nephandi. As bitter as the Technocracy is toward the Trads, the Nephadi are still seen as the most deadly foe so the information is welcomed.
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            The Hunters are furious. There are now two Americas and the other one is clearly supernatural and they can't get there! They know that their main foes are still in the same America as they are, so they still have a job to do. But a whole supernatural USA is just beyond their reach.

            Many ordinary Mortals are confused too. The fact that the USA is split in two, and some folks can go to one version and some to the other is wild and disturbing. Religious leaders are screaming mad, and asking for large amounts of money. Many nations are looking to see which USA they want to ally with or be against. The British kid who has a website saying the whole thing is an accident involving several colors of Kryptonite is given more credence than most people publically admit.


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              The Demons, of whom I've read little and sold off those books years ago, dislike America A. but it seems further from God's Grace, so they'll work with that.

              The Mummies, except for those of the lowest Banality are in America A as well. The few in America B are trying to fill their co-workers in on how reality works here. There's debate on whether or not this could be made to aid the cause of Maat.


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                In America A Banality is higher than in America B. The Sidhe, barred from America B are aware of this and bitter. They're slowly coming to realize that an alliance of Commoners have kicked them and their allies out of a better America and left them caged up with banal brutes and monsters. Moreover, the commoners are building a stable government which could become strong enough to fight back against the Sidhe if they ever got to America B.

                The Shinning Host fears that the America they're trapped in will become more and more Banal while all the glamour moves to America B. The sidhe want to get to America B by any means possible! They'd kill to get there!
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                  I canceled the revision. This means only the USA is split. Which means more people find out quicker with less supernatural control of events.
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                    Hey I said others could offer ideas.


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                      Both the Elder Vampires (Cainite and Cathayan) hate the fact that the world is slowly but surely beginning to realize something magical has happened. The Technocracy dislikes the situation for the same reason. they're busy hunting the causes. Neither the Vamps nor the technos care if innocents get hurt, especially innocents they don't like, or even really understand. The Sidhe, left behind in Concordia A are among the suspects being hunted. Some of the PC characters would be Sidhe nobles trying to escape powerful and banal foes. These nobles would have a hard time understanding why they were left behind. But then the sidhe lack empathy with the commoners.

                      Some Sidhe would simply seek to escape either to the Kingdom of the Feathered Snake (Mexico) which is a war zone, or to the fifes of Bright promise, which are beset by Pirates, or to the Kingdom of Ice, which takes in Canada and Alaska, and has its own subtler problems involving most Sidhe being vagrants without means of support as mortals. Others would try to flee to Europe which is hostile and suspicious of American Fae.
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                        Any opions on how the two Concordias will evolve?


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                          Interesting idea. I'm going to have to spend some time mentally digesting it a little before I can make any sort of informed comment on possible evolution.

                          What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
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                            The simple removal of Cainite influence would begin to further other changes. Elder vampires are a reactionary force all things being equal, and in the WoD they're rarely equal. Vampires need homeless populations, poverty, heavy social stratification, and other factors to keep their pedations secret or unnoticed.

                            This would lead to long suppressed social trends popping to the surface. With fewer hidden and silenced deaths, vampires need secrecy, life would be less sad. The atmosphere might soon resemble the 1960s in Concordia B. With no NWO or Syndicate to bring on sorrow and fear to keep the masses in line politics could easily become driven by the perceived needs of the people with backroom agendas suddenly lacking their drivers.

                            All this would lower banality and paradox in Concordia B. As Banality fades hope increases. The influence of the Wyrm and the Oblivion would weaken as well. This would continue a feedback loop.

                            As Concordia A heard all of this, although not the reasons for it, they'd question why the Other North America had it so good? Such questions would displease all of the power holders in Concordia A. After all, news of a better America would disrupt and flumox powerful people in our real world, in the WoD it would be revolutionary.
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                              Very interesting, kind of confused how it works? Is it two physical Americas or just the spiritual half split? What about calling it America 1 and America A to not have jealousy issues :P.

                              But this would piss of others who found out. Major Hubris and Werewolves would be pissed, some might like it though, and mages I can see split.

                              But very interesting! I really like the idea of people doing grand divergent chronicles like this!

                              It is a time for great deeds!