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How is House Liam not an Unseelie House?

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  • How is House Liam not an Unseelie House?

    Honor is a lie: House Liam has suffered injustice after injustice by the honorable Houses who had to shun and scorn them lest their own honor be called into question. Furthermore, they have witnessed Gwydion slaughter humans in the know about the larger world in the name of honoring the law, and have watched other Houses enslave humans, knowing that the law was on their side. House Liam doesn't feel loyalty to tradition or the notion that the law is sufficient to justify this.

    Furthermore, if they were feeling suicidal, they could call out the other Houses to fight for their honor or what they know is right. Honor demands no less. But they see the bigger picture and instead they bide their time, roll with the punches, and simply focus on making a difference rather than trying to fight for more face among the Fae.

    Glamour is Free: This is rule is so vague, yet the Liam graciously share the Glamour they have.

    Change is Good: This House is all about reform. They are also known for being extremely open minded.

    Passion Before Duty: As Sidhe, their first duty is to the Fae. This is exemplified by Gwydion being absorbed more than any House by the Fae aspect of their lives. But House Liam has chosen instead to focus themselves on their cause and passion in tending to mortals and their world.

    So why is Liam considered Seelie besides Seelie are the good guys and the Liam are good guys?

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    Because the Unseelie are the bad guys? Sorry.


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      Quick and dirty:

      Death before dishonor: They feel their duty and obligations are a higher honor than the what the other houses think of them.

      Lover conquers all: Their love for humanity may end up saving all Kithain.

      Beauty is life: Humanity sustains the Dreaming and is therefore beautiful.

      Never forget a debt: They could believe they owe their very existence to humanity.

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        Becuase they do not like the Unseelie habit of hurting humans,


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          Seelie are kind of assholes to them. BUT Unseelie houses are probably worse? The Ailil will abuse them. The Balor deride them. The Lehaun eat people.... the Dailrean are debatable, the Varich are kind of facist... Aesin hate people....


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            A House can be Seelie or Unseelie based on a mix of its traditional leadership positions as well as the majority of its makeup. In this regard, a House isn't a strict Seelie/Unseelie cutoff, but more like a sliding scale, with Gwydion on the Seelie end of the spectrum, and Ailil/Balor on the Unseelie end. Other Houses tend to gravitate more towards the center to the point that you can joke about whether Eiluned is really an Unseelie House in disguise.

            House Liam are known as The Monks because in their tending to humanity and preserving Dreamers, they are acting more in the traditional aspect of noblesse oblige. After all, charity only works when you are well-off to begin with (and it makes for great tax writeoffs too!), and it's easy for good intentions to become a perpetuating cycle of enforced social order or cultural hegemony (see: The Social House Movement of the late 19th century, or Humanitarian Tourism). The reformers/advocates would be more likely to involve themselves in the institutional legwork and community organizing needed to break the cycle of poverty.

            Mind, regardless of Court, *ALL* Changelings acknowledge the Escheat (interpreting it is a different manner altogether), and even Unseelie Liam cannot Ravage.


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              I know there is no way the Liam would ever join a Court that Condones Ravaging. And the Baylor literally have allies with BSDs and the Sabbath.

              The Selie might be dicks, but not make deals with the Wyrm and Sabbath dicks.