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    Originally posted by adambeyoncelowe View Post
    Is it that the Fomorians really represent the Wyld in its truest form, while the Tuatha are relatively ordered? Or are they this part of the Umbra's manifestation of the Wyrm--or, perhaps, the Dreaming manifestations of the sleeping Malfeans themselves, and therefore the universal dream of destruction?
    Werewolf usually depicts the big monsters of mythology (like the Zmei Dragons) as originally being forces of the Wyld corrupted by the Wyrm. The Fomorians probably fall into this category. However, it is also possible that the eldest Fomorians - or at least the beings responsible for their corruption - could be Dreaming manifestations of the sleeping Malfeans.

    Likely, the earlier in history you go, the more likely the Fomorians are entities the Fae and other beings can relate to and interact with. At one point, the Tuatha and Fomorians could interbreed and such. However, nowadays the Fomorians are probably degenerated monstrosities you either avoid entirely or desperately try to survive if you fight them.

    I believe as originally intended, the secret backstory of much of the WoD keeps going back to concepts in Wraith like the Malfean Neverborns. This is where the setting's existential underpinnings are found.