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Shanachie and 'subkiths'

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  • Shanachie and 'subkiths'

    So I was reading The Immortal Eyes books again and noticed mention of the Shanachie as an Irish version of the Eshu. Unlike Vampire, where the clans often have distinguished bloodlines and lineages, Changeling doesn't often have the same thing. However, the Shanachie seem really quite different geographically and ethnically to the Eshu, so I wondered whether we're likely to see subkiths as a way to distinguish characters more in C20? I think they'd be one way to make the kiths seem a) less restrictive and b) less monocultural.

    If we were, which subkiths would you like to see? What would specific regional variants of the Concordian kiths look like? For instance, the Satyroi Nesioi ( and the Libyan, Ethiopian and Egyptian Satyroi ( would make good alternate satyrs, obviously.

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    Well Oni's has been brought up a lot as a Subkith of Trolls.

    And Pooka I have many subkiths that represent specific animal tricksters of different regions, like Kitsune in Japan or Coyote in the Americas.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Trolls should be a subkith of Oni....oooh that's an interesting story

      And agree on the pooka, I'm seriously reconsidering building them generically as a "transform into animal" take 1 of the following kith...