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Hows a Childling deal with obstructive parents?

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  • Hows a Childling deal with obstructive parents?

    one of the unique things about CTD is the relative plentidue of child charachters..

    With that in mind, hows a childling deal with obstructive parents? Any ideas?

    is coercien through sovereign or evasion through chicancery better.

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    Yeah, a bit of Glamour goes a long way. But the parents of changelings are likely to be kinain anyway, even if they don't know it. Fae souls are drawn to people of fae blood.


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      It really depends on the character and the chronicle. A chronicle with a plurality or majority of childlings may well schedule its activities around "free time" or otherwise accommodating the kids' schedules. Or have significant events take place where kids will be, anyway. (A daycare center that was actually a minor Freehold where childlings hold court could be interesting, for example.) It also depends on the characters' relationships. Childlings with PC parents probably have their parents helping them get their...extracurriculars...done.

      The one childling I've played was a run-away sluaugh; he dealt with parents by simply not having any who could get ahold of him, and was on a quest for a Sidhe noble in part to get the Changeling courts to respect him despite his physical age.

      Even if the childling's parents are in the dark about the whole "magic" thing, an adult (or teen) PC who is a friend of the family and/or regular babysitter could take the kid out for cover activities that let them go do adventuring stuff.


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        again have been reading the Toybox, not sure how well the solution reached in this novel works with game mechanics (Big surprise I know) But Enchanting a non kinain parent doesnt seem like a good long term solution... Hmmmn if I enchant them then take them on a visit to a freehold and ask for a promise to NEVER interfere with my movements, would they likely still care about the promise, even if the memorys involved in it no longer made sense?


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          I'm guessing parental interference is part of the challenge of playing a Childling. If you were a Grump, you'd be old enough to make your own decisions, maybe even live on your own. That's the trade-off: you're either at the peak of your Fae abilities, but have severe limits to mobility, or you're dancing on the razor's edge of Banality, but are fully autonomous. Or somewhere in between.

          It would also help if we established what Obstructive Parenting means in this context.


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            Obstructive Parents should be its own flaw, or give degrees to the child Flaw, since, one who lives at a freehold,or with a kithain or kinain parent may have a curfew, and be subject to a lot of rules, but wont be forced to see psychyatrists, and any interference with the activitys of their oath circle or motley will be carefully considered, and hopefully rare.

            Obstructive Parents means interfering with their actions in kithain society, aka Morgans parents in Toybox
            Oh just thought not sure how it could happen, ideas if one parent is supportive other is extremely obstructive or will that sitch probaly lead to a divorce, wondering after reading Toybox...


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              "Obstructive parents" would be known in some circles as "responsible parents." Ones who know their children's activities as a general rule, take pains to make sure they know their child's whereabouts, and monitor what they're doing for safety reasons. There's still a lot of leeway a kid can get with perfectly responsible parents, of course: the hours after school and on weekends when they're trusted to "go outside and play" or "go over to a friend's house" on their own, or the time with an adult mentor-figure who is a trusted friend of the family. But curfew, as mentioned, as well as a requirement to let Mom and Dad know where you are going to be and, potentially, what contact information they can give them for that can get in the way of things like going to Court (which, to a non-fae, will look like a party being attended largely by teenagers where some fairly heavy and uncomfortable topics are discussed and rather inappropriate activities for a child are performed, from combat training to plans for battles which might sound like gang warfare to the uninitiatied to plots and intrigues which are far too "old" for somebody's little darling).

              In essence, the combination of probably engaging in activities and adventures far more dangerous, with allies and antagonists who are likely enough older to make things uncomfortable for parents, combined with parents who actually keep track of your activities and try to keep you from doing things like getting into a car with strangers or going and playing at the abandoned warehouse..."obstructive parents" are a bulwark of what's supposed to keep you safe from your own poor/immature judgment. But they get in the way of actually doing things your Changeling identity identifies as important. Not just "fun" (in your foolish childhood delusions of immortality), but actually important. Because you CAN'T explain why it's important. They won't get it.


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                I'd be interested to see more treatment of this in the books, actually. Because if most changelings are born to kinain who know of their heritage, it's not too much of an issue. But if most changelings wind up with unwitting mortals, then it's far more of an issue.

                My instincts as a Storyteller tell me that having them be raised by kinain in families with some awareness of the fae world makes the most sense. Werewolves are raised in similar circumstances, surrounded by their own.

                What's known is that childlings are often sought out by older changelings, who help to bring them into the fold. My assumption is that they'll try their hardest to help the childlings.


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                  it goes into possible complications if a childling needs "removed" From their Mortal parents, in "the enchanted" I think

                  But I was thinking the childling taking a more active role in evading or manipulating their parents.


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                    Oh another Question. well two questions.

                    would Adult Retainers, be a valid way for a childling to help circumvent ageism

                    Any ideas on ways, to allow "Obstructive parents" To be occasional foils, without making a PC Unplayable?


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                      Hunter the Reckoning actually has an incredibly (almost ridiculously) deep well of "mundane" flaws for these sorts of things.

                      Some relevant selections:
                      Clannish Family (1)
                      Intolerant Neighbors (1)
                      Youthful Appearance (1)
                      Nosy Neighbors (2)
                      Abusive Partner (2)

                      All of these do pretty much what they say on the tin without much in the way of mechanical representation save for the last one, which does contain a damage component and which I think should be (for obvious reasons) treated with the most care.


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                        oh a (Vaguely) Related question

                        How do kithain view childlings putting themselves in danger, chimerical or otherwise.

                        If their not allowed to do so occasionaly, its hard to make them playable charachters, but its understandable other changelings being protective of them.


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                          The Childer character in my Pooka's motley would "spend the night" often at my character's house. It helped that my grump character has a dreamer son around her age. So it wasn't "my daughter spending the night at my slightly odd older friend's house", but "My daughter spending the night at her school friend's house."

                          Hi, guys!


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                            oh on Retinue, whats the best Art to make them more biddable, Chicancery, or Sovereign.


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                              Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
                              oh on Retinue, whats the best Art to make them more biddable, Chicancery, or Sovereign.
                              Sovereign is considered rude by the fae, but I doubt humans know when it's being used on them. Chicanery is perhaps more subtle.