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So Will CtD20 be more Crossover Friendly?

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  • So Will CtD20 be more Crossover Friendly?

    Changeling had many undue obstacles for making it crossoverable, will CtD20 make things a little easier on groups that want to use Changeling with the rest of the World of Darkness? I liked the Idea of Kinain becoming other supernaturals. And I like ideas like a Fianna making a deal to live in a Freehold for a Century and popping back up and being like a Rip Van Winkle type when he returns to his Caern. So now you have a century old 1st or 2nd Rank Fianna.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Well, Hunters be like this cantrips won't work on me. I cannot be taken to the dreaming no matter what. Well, I would like to read this stuff from my own book. It would be delightful.


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      I dunno. I feel like the books, at least, were more crossover friendly than in any other gameline. It helps, of course, that the fae see most other supernaturals as prodigal fae. The biggest obstacle is the Mists, but as the system for the Mists is likely being overhauled, it should be okay.

      As it is, the rules for the Mists mean the simplest way to temporarily defeat a Banal enemy (such as a Technocrat or vampire) is to enchant them. Once the enchantment wears off, they're in a coma for days, weeks or even months.