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    I made a Halloween special campaign on the Changeling the Dreaming Google+ community. It has quite a bit of likes there so here it goes for the "official" release. Granted day late since the release of Ernest Scare Stupid was yesterday.

    Briarville MO - a peaceful town in Missouri with a dark past. Under siege from "trolls" in it's past and it seems the same dark forces are stirring again.

    NPCs - Mortals
    Hackmore Family - the first victims of Trantor
    Reverend Phineas Worrel - Ernest's ancestor
    Trantor the Troll - The goblin or nightmare gathering innocent souls

    Ernest P. Worrel - Imbued Hunter: Martyr, Derangement: Multiple Personality
    Francis Hackmore aka Old Lady Hackmore - Artist and Occultist
    Sheriff Cliff Binder - Sheriff of Briarville, father of one
    Mayor Murdock - Father of two
    Tom and Bobby Tulip - exploitative store owners, owns several retail and grocery stores
    Kenny Binder - Cliff's son, victim
    Elizabeth - Kenny's friend, victim
    Joey - Kenny's friend, victim
    Matt and Mike Murdock - local bullies, Matt is the victim of the duo
    Trantor - Antagonist, either goblin or Formori
    Troll Army - Goblin or formori

    Major Locations
    Old oak tree/the Treehouse - Trantor's prison planted by Reverend Worrel
    Old Lady Hackmore's house - occult library and outpost of the land where the tree resides
    Briarville Police Department - local PD, three officers max staff (including Sheriff Binder)
    Tulip Grocery - local grocery store
    Tulip One Stop Salvage - local wholesale store, buyer beware

    Changeling Locales
    Worrel Hearth - Reverend Worrel's church, abandoned during the Great Depression, reclaimed as an inn. North of Briarville on a hill overlooking the town, freehold changelings gather here for business, and celebration.
    Caern of Whispering Rock - Southwest of Briarville, unclaimed by the Garou, the Ozark Nunnehi control this powerful caern, Granite is the caern totem and only speaks to the Nunnehi or whoever it deems worthy.
    Hackmore Homestead - east of town and takes up several acres, the land itself is drained of life, most mortals don't know why. The Hackmores believe that the life energies are being transferred to the old oak tree. Changelings stay clear of the homestead just in case their Glamour awakens something that shouldn't be awakened. Old Lady Hackmore's house stands as the only means to guard the land, while a road cuts through it, everyone stays on the road and don't stop.

    Onyx Path Kickstarters I back.
    W20, MtC, CB20, DtD, MtAs20, BotW20, Wraith 20th.

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    From the innocents of five,
    an evil army shall arise,
    When blossoms drop like evil rain,
    My dark kingdom shall come again,
    There is one who can stop me if he will dare,
    With the heart of a child and a mothers care.
    Old Lady Hackmore: Listen to the last two lines of the troll's poem. There is one who can stop us if he will dare, With the heart of a child and a mother's care. So we need a heart,
    [turns to Kenny and Elizabeth]
    Old Lady Hackmore: a child's heart!

    Knowledges or Mythlore roll
    Crit Fail: Authentic Bulgarian Miak!
    Success: Milk is one of the weakness of these entities.
    Crit Success: Milk is one, supposedly unconditional love is the second. The heart of a child is the one to slay Trantor is a Childer. While the innocence of children is what powers Trantor and it's spawn, innocence personified and magickally enhanced would be his undoing. The Childer doesn't have to wield milk at this point or when Trantor calls upon the dark forces. You'll need either powerful chimera or cantrips to stop Trantor that that point.

    Onyx Path Kickstarters I back.
    W20, MtC, CB20, DtD, MtAs20, BotW20, Wraith 20th.