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Sionichian Are they detailed anywhere?

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  • Sionichian Are they detailed anywhere?

    Their basicly the changeling equilivent of golconda, but cant find references to them outside of the sidebar in the 2nd edition corebook, are they in any other books?

    are they going to be retired as an idea in C20?

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    Siochan have a detailed sidebar write up n the First Edition Changeling book.
    Two Siochan are written up, one is a fallen Siochan of House Liam who became a Dauntian. He is detailed as an antagonist in The Autumn People book.
    The other is "Dice", an ancient Eshu who is detailed in Kithbook Eshu. He also shows up in Time of Judgement as the one who leads the Kithian to the Trods leading to Arcadia in Starlight Exodus.

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      You have also some mythical figures in almost all kithbooks that may or may not be Siochain. Like Aleksei of the 13 Toes in the Sluagh kithbook. It is said that it became a title for the greatest terrorizer of the Sluagh and that the new Aleksei have access to knowledge and memories that he should not have. Maybe he is some kind of Siochain.

      Actually, there's not much too them. All we know is that they are supposed to have achieved some kind of balance between their nature. There's something in Dreams & Nightmares : in the center of the Labyrinth of Irrgaten, their's a well that grant the Siochain their immortality and other boon against Banality. I'm not sure there's nothing much though.
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        There was the guy from the Immortal Eyes Trilogy Court of All Kings. He was referred to as the Hidden King, but was heavily implied to be Ailil himself.


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          Where is info on these? Its been a while since I handled 2nd ed changeling. Were these the fae that became immortal? Were they still vulnerable to Banality?

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            There was a boggan Siochain mentioned in...somewhere. I want to say Isle of the Mighty, but that might not be it. Anyways, it sadly had no game mechanics attached to this boggan immortal.


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              There's a boggan named Megan that's one of the siochain in Isles of the Mighty, yeap, you're quite right. Also on no mechanics (just suggests that they have maxed out or near maxed out in all arts and realms as needs be).

              edit: There's otherwise Dice in Kithbook Eshu (which, bleeeagh, but that's something else) and a Liam in Autumn People that may have once been such, but fell from grace to the point of becoming Dauntain. There's all the same no mechanics for it in either.

              I'd find it cool if the state of being was ever given a fleshed out exploration, but it doesn't seem in the cards.
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                We don't know what's in the cards other than Book of Freeholds and KB: Boggan, if people keep bringing up stuff they'd like to see maybe it will be in a book.