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Help with a chronicle: The Return of the Grandson

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  • Help with a chronicle: The Return of the Grandson

    so, im running a crossover game of M20 and W20, in which the Garou's (one part of the PC's) asked help to the Mages (the other pc's) to deal with Baba Yaga. long story short, She is dead.

    After one of my player's ended up with Arete 7 and after the Horizon Fell. the world has return to its "Normal State." the Pc's are now dealing with their families and jobs and wondering what exactly happend on the Horizon War (all they remember is seeing Senex Stabbing The Unnamed and everything went white). they been wondering through the world for the last 5 years, lying low and trying to understand what happend.

    Werewolves "Mourned" the death of Arkady and they are still working to reconstruct Russia
    Mages world wide have gone quiet after the Horizon War (no council , no way to find each other so there's only a few cabals in the world and all the big players are gone or missing)
    The Technocracy went Awfully Quiet.

    Before Baba Yaga bite the dust, she Knew she was going to be killed. Hence she decided to pull one last trick up her filthy Sleeve.
    my Garou player's are dealing with their families (now pretty much all the PC's have kids of their own) and dealing with the war agains the wyrm, while trying to capture and Kill Samuel Height (Whom in my game, managed to lie low and to be seen even as a heroe in the garou nation....until it was figured out that he was a sadistic monster who served the wyrm and his own personal cause)

    I liked the idea of a villian like Samuel in "Chaos Factor" but, instead of using the same idea. i decided to use Baba Yaga's last Rite.
    Long story Short: I freaking love Hellboy
    Short Story Long: She basically bought back Grigori Rasputin as a Nephandi Wynderslaint from his "Sleep." apparently he was related to Yaga and she placed a tiny piece of his soul within the roots of the Ydrassil giving him a virtual "Inmortality." and to be the "Servant of Cold and the Serpent of Corruption" -Basically, i translated the Ogdru Jahad from Hellboy to The Wyrm- And yes, i know theres a bunch of Rasputin's in WoD canon but hell... i love hellboy.

    So, now he is slowly recovering his body. he managed to create a cult around him and now he is hunting the Pc's in order to Avenge his "Grandmother."

    as for a Character, im thinking on going arete 6 and something to keep him alive long enough. he might face Werewolves so i need something to keep him as an ongoing threat and some way to permanently stop him in a very epic way by both werewolves and mages if possible.

    any ideas, suggestions to my story? i know it sucks but..meh

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    Merit: Invulnerable at 10+ points (Guide to the Traditions)
    The one thing able to hurt him beeing something difficult to acquire (say a stake made of the heartwood of Ygdrassil).

    So, this Zen Master walks up to a hot dog stand and says: "Make me one with everything!"