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Where's The Revolution?. The Technocracy Thread

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  • Where's The Revolution?. The Technocracy Thread

    I been fascinated about the tecnocracy as an antagonistic force. to be honest i belive its one of he most interesting forces i seen in a while.

    Now, i been wondering about the Civil War (soon after they lost contact with Control). In your own thoughts, when was the Tecnoratic union more dangerous? after they lost contact with Control or Before, when the technocracy as "Organized" ?

    Also, am i the only one who belives that all the steriotypes of the Iluminati and such is bascally $indicate after control went AWOL ?

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    The most "dangerous" technocracy was when the Pogrom was in effect. When destroying the Traditions was the main concern of the Techies. Since this efectively ended after Control was lost because the Technocracy had to put their act together, and the Traditions weren't in a better shape, I would say that before they lost contact were more dangerous.
    This wasn't because of Control's influence, but rather because the Technocracy was in full power and had no other priorities. And, ironically, it had no other priorities because in the 60' the defection of VA and the "anty-system" paradigm shift of the era gave power to the Traditions, power that they used to attack the Technocracy. In other words, the violence escalated and the Technocracy won (again), but then the Storm shifted the focus from giving the fatal blow to the Trads to recovering order within the Union.

    The youngsters that were left after Control was lost are more adamant than their old Masters about the whole "magick doesn't exist/is evil. What we do is science" line, and are ususally more militant (the Progenitors become more interested in the elimiination of supernatural treaths, and the VE become militarized. In contrast, Iteration X become more pacific, now they're more interested in research than in execution, if you get what I mean ). This would make one think that nowdays the Trchies are more dangerous to more mystic mages, but not, it doesn't because more of the focus of the Teches was caught by other supernaturals. In the wake of the "civil war", the more militar Void Engineers are forging real aliances with the Traditions to battle Threat Null in the Umbra, and the Progenitors that "go hunter", hunt everyone, from Traditionalists to vampires (which still makes them dangerous). Iteration X were the ones more interested in the Pogrom, but they're no longer adamant about that. NWO and the Syndicate are more interested in undermining each other than in hunting the Trads.
    Nowdays if a Traditionalist keeps a low profile, she wouldn't have much to worry about the Technocracy. They will answer if the Traditionalist it's noisy and/or attacks the Technocracy.

    Also, am i the only one who belives that all the steriotypes of the Iluminati and such is bascally $indicate after control went AWOL ?
    Technocrats are, basically, the WoD Iluminati. The Enlightened conspiration that rules over the very building blocks of human society and what's believed to be real. Since ths stereotipe fits NWO the most, and they're depicted as "bad/opressive", the Syndicate surely it's laughing about it.