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1001 Creative Uses for Enchantment

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  • 1001 Creative Uses for Enchantment

    I just wanted to start a list of 1001 creative uses of the Path of Enchantment for Mythic Numina and Technological Numina. I will get it started by looking at the use of the Ritual of Enhance Craftsmanship in automobiles. Enhance Craftsmanship is a Level Two Enchantment Ritual that takes 20 minutes to cast, requires a difficulty 6 Perception plus Occult/Science roll, costs no Willpower, and enhances the craftsmanship of an item to make it more useful. Please remember to number your suggestions.

    1) Enhance racing tires so they can be used for normal driving, giving superior speed and handling.

    2) Enhance windshields and windows so they will not crack from minor impacts.

    3) Enhance break pads and rotors so they will never fail.

    4) Enhance batteries so they will never die.

    5) Enhance engine belts so they will never wear or break.

    6) Enhance sparkplugs so they will always fire.

    7) Enhance starter so it will always start.

    8) Enhance Catalytic Converter and Charcoal Canister so they will last forever.

    9) Enhance seats so they will never tear or wear out.

    10) Enhance power steering so that power steering always works.

    Please continue the list!
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